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The band I chose to write about was Maroon 5, and their hit song from their album V. The song that I chose was Animals it was a song consisting of both pop and rock. When first listening to the song I liked the way the music sounded and the way it caught my attention with it’s unique sound.

Musician/Band Background

Maroon 5 has been around since 1994 to now they have had the same group members except for their drummer who left the band Ryan Dusick who left around 2009, bringing around Matt Flynn as the new drummer. Another new member of the group was PJ Morton who joined the group in 2010. Along with todays recent album Maroon 5 has released other albums starting from 2002 to the present. Starting with their first album was called Song’s About Jane released 2002, Next was Live: Friday the 13th released 2005, after B-Side Collection released 2007, then Tunes live from SoHo released 2008, another was Live from Le Cabaret released 2008, next Call and Response: The Remix Album realesed 2008, another one was Is anybody Out There released 2011, lastly Overexposed released 2012,and finally V released 2014

V Album

The album did not have an overall theme. The album was based of the band’s previous album “Overexposed” and the band’s end goal was to make the album coming up better than the album “Overexposed”. My overall opinion about the album is that the album V is better than the previous album, with more hit songs, and higher in ratings. The song “Maps” was rated number 6 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and reached the top 20 in many countries. “Animals” another song on the album reached number 3 in the US Billboard Hot 100. The album itself had a good outcome placing both songs in the top 10 in the US.

Impressions and Opinions

The tracks that stand out the most is Animals and Maps because they were both in the top 10 charts for the US Billboard Hot 100. The best qualities for the songs are that they each have their own unique sound. The album has a mixture of slow songs and fast songs. The tracks that are not that popular are most likely is “Unkiss Me” the song is heard of but it didn’t reach the US Billboard Hot 100 so the song may not be cherished like the songs “Animals” and “Maps”. This album is more talked about than Katy Perry most likely due to the albums songs success.

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Overall Rating

For the album I would give them 3.5 stars out of 5. On the album only 2 songs out of the entire album made it to the top 100 billboard. But overall the album catches the fans attentions and the songs that it to the top 100 are extremely popular and its good for the band.