Winter Party

What we will be serving

We had 3 choices- Stacked!, Burger Bonanza, and Pizza Palace. For our party we have picked out Pizza Palace to be serving us. They have the best price for 100 and more students. If we had less than that then our choice would be Stacked!

The equation for Pizza Palace is 8x+50. That might seem like a lot but the more students you have the less it will be compared to other choices.

At around 90 students you will begin to see the difference between Stacked! and Pizza Palace. Before 90 students Stacked will be the best choice.

For each equation I plugged in the numbers and then added the y intercept. The reason that I used big numbers (100-400) for my examples is because at the party there will most likely be a few hundred kids there. Also I looked to see how much the price was per student and multiplied that by x in my equation and then if there was a base fee that is what I added as my Y intercept.

This relates to order of operations because in the equations the multiplication comes first before addition (y intercept)

All about that bass

For our music plan my proposal is that we do classic spin. In the charts starting at 1 hour, it is already cheaper. The only problem is that if our party is less than 2 hours then we will have to do spin city.

For each equation I first found out how much money per hour it would be (Spin City-$125, Classic Spin- $85) and then if there was a y intersect I would add it to that (Spin city- 0, Classic spin- $75

To see if they match up, even though they don't ever, you can find how much the cost would be from 1-10 hours for each, and if they overlap then that's when they would be the same.

How the steps to find if the equations relate to order of operations is like in PEMDAS multiplication comes first, and the I add the y intersect which comes after multiplication

If I had $100 to spend on music the I could afford 8 hours of DJ (Spin City) and 10 hours with Classic Spin