Types of Government

What is a Republic?

-Supreme power is held by people and their elected representatives, and there is an elected leader or president rather than a monarch.

Pre-1700 and Today's Republics

Before the 1700s.....

Rome, the capital of Italy, was a republic from 509 BC to 53 BC. This time period was called the Roman Republic. Rome used the republic as an alternative to the monarchy. For the first 2 centuries, the republic expanded.
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Periods of times during the Roman Republic:

509 BC- overthrow of Roman Kingdom

44 BC- Julius Caesar named as dictator

31 BC- The defeat of Mark Antony

27 BC- establishment of Roman Empire, when the Roman Republic came to an end

Roman Republic Government rulers:

The government was run by 2 consuls: from 509 BC-508 BC, it was Brutus and Collatinus. In 27 BC, it was Octavianus and Agrippa. The consuls were annually elected by citizens. The Roman Republic was governed by a complex constitution; the Constitution of the Roman Republic was an unwritten set of guidelines and principles that were to be passed down. The grant of powers to Octavian in 27 BC ended the Roman Republic.
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Expansion of the Roman Republic over the years


The United States has not been a country for long, but deciding whether or not the US is a democracy or republic has been named unofficially. It is said to be a Federal Republic consisting of 50 states and a federal district. Power resides in the people of the government who represent the citizens according to the rule of law. The US has a president to run the country with different federal branches and the Supreme Court falling next in line of power. Presidential elections are every 4 years in which the citizens of the United States vote for and elect a president over a nation wide vote.

"and to the Republic for which it stands..."

The Pledge of Allegiance even states that the United States stands for a Republican government.