News From Mrs. Jose's Class

January 5th - 8th 2016

Welcome Back!

I hope that everyone had a happy and relaxing break!

My husband and I were fortunate to celebrate (a late) Hanukkah with my family and Christmas with his family. We brought in the New Year with good friends and I was able to catch up on a lot of yoga and a lot of reading during the break.

Thank you for all of the wonderful gifts. I was blown away by the thoughtfulness and generosity from everyone. I feel so fortunate to be able to teach at CRES and have such a great class.

Also, a big thank you to our volunteers and room parents for a great winter party! The kids had a lot of fun and have been asking to play "snowman hangman."

New Students!

We are excited to welcome Jonah and Taylee to our class!

What can you find us doing in class?


In math we launched a new unit on fractions. This week we are talking about equivalent fractions and learning how to play two new games, cover up and wipe out. We will begin reducing, adding, and subtracting fractions next week.


We are launching a reading unit on social issues. Students will be learning about social issues in schools, books, and in our world. On Tuesday we made a graffiti wall to show our prior knowledge of current social issues. Eventually students will be meeting in book clubs to read social issue chapter books. More details to come soon!


I apologize in advance....

We will be writing persuasive essays! I was surprised today at how inspired and motivated the class was to start writing. However, as I went around to conference with them I realized that many were writing essays for their parents convincing them why they needed new pets, new toys, or reasons why they shouldn't have to do things in school. A few even asked me to photocopy their writing so they can take it home to give to you. Hopefully this doesn't create an issue at home for you.

Word Study

New word study words should have gone home with your student yesterday on a notecard in their red folder. They have 8 words and the test will be next Friday January, 15th.

Social Studies

We are going to be learning more about Indiana's history, important cities, and landmarks. We will end our unit by making cookie maps of Indiana!

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Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • Friday January 15th - Word Study Test
  • Friday January 15th - $1 Hat Day
  • Monday January 18th - No School MLK Day
  • Friday January 29th Scholastic ONLINE Orders Due