Newsletter Week 2 Term 1

Sacred Heart School Petone Wednesday 9th February 2022

Principal's Pen

Dear Parents and Friends

Welcome to our first full school newsletter for the year! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday, enjoying our fantastic summer weather! The staff have all come back refreshed and ready for the New Year. I had a wonderful holiday visiting Queenstown and Christchurch. I also went to Bluff at the very bottom of the country!

We are starting the year with a roll of 150 and we will reach our maximum of 165 by the end of the year. We have had a great start with swimming in all classes and Kakapo at Tech.

The staff have all spent several hours getting ready for the new school year. We spent 2 days as a staff working on administration and professional development.

At our Whakatau we welcomed:

  • Whaea Clare Lewis - Kea Class Teacher
  • Mrs Belynda Bird- Special Needs Teacher Aide
  • Mrs Lauren King- Masters Student Trainee - Kakapo Class for the year
  • Mr Izaac Wallach- Masters Student Trainee - Tui Class for the year

We also welcomed Leti (Year 8- Kakapo) and Jason (Year 3- Kereru) Tui and Pearl Wislang (Year 3 - Kereru ).

We have also welcomed Mrs Michelle Harding- ORS Specialist Teacher/ AP Release and Mr Gerard Sweeney DP release teachers.

Tui class welcomed Bronson Smith, Joachim Ryan, Andy Pereira - Logovae, Oli Wright, Te Malaga Perez, Isla Masina, Kata Ahelemo, Agelo Alesana and Helena Bahia. We know that you will all welcome these new students and their families to our school community. We know you will make all these children and their families welcome in our school.

Congratulations to the Janaszkiewicz family on the recent safe arrival of their new son and brother Alexander.

We offer our prayers and sympathy to Genevieve Hanify, Matt Lewer and family on the recent death of Genevieve's grandmother.

At the end of next week we will be farewelling Alyse Veltman, one of our Teacher Aides. We thank Alyse for all her work over the past 2 years and wish her well for the future.

COVID19 RED level information:

Thanks to all of you for following our RED level processes. These keep us safe. We have a COVID19 plan and we are currently looking at how the school would operate should we have staff isolating.

Managing cases in our school

We will be advised by the Ministry of Health should there be a confirmed case who has been at school while infectious. They will tell us what to do and we will follow their advice. The Ministry of Education will support schools should this occur.

We have a good contact tracing system in place so that if there is a confirmed case who has been at school while infectious, we can quickly identify who was a close contact of that person. We will then quickly advise those contacts of what they need to do. This is why you must sign in if you come onsite.

Only if the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Education advises to do so, would we consider closing a physical onsite school and moving to distance learning for everyone. At Red we will keep everyone learning onsite for as long as we can.

Please make sure your contact details we have on file are up to date, so we can get in touch with you if needed

Please continue to:

  • Scan in using the COVID tracer App
  • Sign in the visitor’s book in the office. Please make sure if you are onsite you come in through the office.
  • Wear a mask while on site
  • Follow physical distancing with other adults and teachers
  • Stay home if you or your child is unwell

Communications from school:

We send out messages on HERO and our school app. Please make sure that you are able to access both of these platforms. Each week the teacher sends out an email with an update of what’s happening the next week in their class. If you are having problems accessing either of these platforms please contact either your child’s teacher, Anna or myself. All notices which are sent out on the school app will automatically be put on the website.

2022 School Activity Contributions and School Donations:

This year we have opted into the Government Donations scheme again so you will not be invoiced for an activity contribution or school donation. You will have received a request for the Religious Education contribution, stationery and Tech (Year 7 /8). Thank you to everyone who has paid this money.

Sports Fees need to be paid before the season begins please. This term we have Touch Rugby. Invoices for these will be sent out shortly.

With the newsletter today we are sending home an information sheet about your child for you to complete and return to your child’s teacher. Please do this as soon as possible as it helps your child’s new teacher learn about your child.

Road Safety: At school we teach the children to abide by road safety rules and safely ride bikes and scooters. We ask that you help us by parking correctly when you pick up and drop off your children and also by using the pedestrian crossing outside the main school gate. No-one is to ride a bike or scooter in the school grounds. Please be considerate of our neighbours and do not park in or over their driveways. We will be seeking help from the Hutt City Council traffic safety officers if people continue to ignore this request. Please remind your children to take their scooters home each night.

Emergency Packs: All children need to bring their named Emergency Pack to school as soon as possible. Please refer to the details of contents later in the newsletter. Thank you to everyone who has brought their pack to school.

Book Club: The Book Club brochures came home yesterday and this year all ordering must be done on line. The orders for Issue 1 close on Tuesday 22nd February. The website is Select the Parents tab and you will be able to order from there.


Thanks to everyone for supporting us by ensuring your children are in correct uniform.

A few reminders:

Please read carefully our school uniform policy in regard to hair styles. There are a few borderline styles creeping in. All hair which is shoulder length or longer must be tied back and be off the child’s face. Rats tails and shavings in the hair are not part of our uniform.

• All hair ribbons and hair ties should be school colours.

• No nail polish.

• Sports shoes are not school footwear.

• All students require a Sports Uniform. Please ensure your child has one which is correct and purchased from the uniform shop. Only plain navy-blue shorts are permitted with the Sports Uniform.

The beginning of the year is always a busy time and we ask for your support as we update our contact information. In the next couple of weeks, we will be updating our contacts lists and permissions. Please ensure that you return to the office your updated details form.

If at any time you have a concern about your child, please contact their teacher in the first instance. We encourage you to make an appointment if you wish to discuss a concern.

We appreciate that at this time of year a lot of information is sent home, but it is necessary to ensure that all our processes and programmes are put in place correctly. We look forward to a term and year full of new learning experiences.

With the newsletter today are the following:

  • Pupil Information Sheets
  • Rise Challenge information
  • Statement of accounts/Stationery Invoices
  • Year 7 and 8 (ONLY) - Camp Medical Information
  • Attendance Dues Fees Information
  • Ice Block Order forms (Friday 11th February)

On our Website you will find:

• The school calendar for the year

• 2022 Behaviour Management Procedures

• Pastoral Care Handbook


• Inhalers – If your child has an inhaler at school could you please call in and check whether it has expired. If it has expired, please provide us with a fresh one.

Thought for the Week

"You are in the world to witness that it is beloved and blessed by God. You are consecrated for the world, which awaits your testimony to achieve a freedom that gives joy, nourishes hope, and prepares the future." ( Pope Francis @pontifex)

God bless


Our Special Character

Updates to Masses under the Covid-19 Red Alert Level announced 23rd January 2022

On Sunday 23 January the Government announced the move to the Covid-19 Red Alert level due to increasing numbers of Omicron cases in our communities across Aotearoa. Please read further to find out more about what this will mean for the Archdiocese as well as a personal message from Cardinal John Dew.

A message from Cardinal John Dew

“We almost made it to the end of January without having to change any of the protocols for the Covid- 19 Protection Framework, but as we were warned Omicron has burst in on us. As we begin life in the RED level of the Covid-19 Protection Framework, we need to think carefully about how we will manage the challenges ahead of us, in a way which keeps everyone safe.

Thank you to all of you for all that you are doing to keep people safe and well. I know that Covid continues to present more and more challenges as time goes by, and most of us would like life to continue as it was before Covid. However, this also presents opportunities to be creative in the way we minister to people and ensure that we reach out as much as we possibly can to others, especially those isolated and alone, those unwell and anxious. I keep hearing about the creative ways you are keeping in touch… Thank you again for all you are doing. With thanks and prayers and all good wishes and blessings.” – Cardinal John Dew.

Cardinal John reminds everyone that the dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in place.

It is important that you should not come to Mass if you have any cold or flu-like symptoms.

The rules around isolating must be obeyed if you are waiting for a test result or are a contact of a highly infectious person. If you are elderly or in a vulnerable group then please act with caution when deciding whether to come to Mass as case numbers rise.

Masses which require vaccine passes are now limited to 100 people and those which do not require vaccine passes to 25 people.

Rā whānau ki a koe!

Ollie Sowerby

Eva Cooper

Grace Wright

Toby Atkins

Iohefo Lui

Happy Birthday to all of you who celebrated your birthday over the summer break.

Celebrating our school

We welcomed many students and staff to Sacred Heart School this year. Check out our new Tui's below! It has been lovely to see so many new Tui's earning reward tokens already - Ka pai!

Tongan Relief Caritas appeal - Non-Uniform day.

We raised $618.80 today! Wow! Thank you to everyone for donating to this very worthy cause.

A big huge thank you to Lucy and Scott Duncan (Duncan Construction) for their donation of bark chips in the school adventure playground. We are very grateful for your generosity and the time spent spreading it.

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School News

Camp Fundraising Committee - Ice Blocks (Friday 11th February)

An order form was sent home today. If your child/dren would like to order an ice block, please fill in the form and return to school by this Friday morning. Cost is $1.50 each.

Drink Bottles

Please note that our drinking fountains are uncovered in the Red Covid framework, but we would still like to encourage all children to please bring a named drink bottle to school each day. It is highly important to stay hydrated during these warm days, particulary the students who need to wear masks in class.

School Uniform Costs

Unfortunately in the current environment, materials are getting harder to source and we are experiencing delays when ordering items. Some items will increase in price due to this. We will send out a uniform pricelist once new prices are confirmed with our suppliers.


If you would like to update any of the following consents and permissions, please contact Anna in the office on

*Education out the classroom Trip Permission

*Permission to be seen by a school Health Professional or Dental Nurse

*Permission to undergo Vision and Hearing Testing

*Publication of Student Image and Works

*Internet USage

*Nitbuster Programme

School Contact Information and Medical Information

Please contact Anna in the office if you need to update any contact information (Phone numbers/address or Emergency Contacts etc) or any new medical information.

Statement of Accounts/Stationery Invoices

Thank you to those who have already paid your stationery invoices. Payment was due on Wednesday 2nd February. Paper invoices have been sent home today.

If you would like to make part-payments, please conatact Anna in the office.

Tui Parents

If you have not returned your Attendance Dues forms and Dental Enrolment forms, please do so as soon as possible.


LunchOnline will resume Thursday 10th February. The Chubby Baker (Thursdays) and Sushi (Fridays). Please see below for how to register for an account. We will have one Pizza Special this term. (Date to be confirmed).

Coming up...

Thursday 10 February

Swimming - All classes.

Lunchonline orders resume.

Touch Manager's Meeting

Tech Y7/8

Friday 11 February

NO swimming - all classes.

Tech Y7/8

Ice Block Camp Fundraiser

Monday 14 February

Swimming - all classes

Tuesday 15 February

Swimming - all classes

Wednesday 16 February

Swimming - all classes

Thursday 17 February

Year 7 and 8 Touch Rugby starts - Fraser Park - Weeks 2, 4 and 6. (Notice/Draw to come home).

Friday 18th February

Assembly 2pm

Year 3 and 4 Touch Rugby starts Hutt Park - Week 1, 3 and 5. (Notice/Draw to come home).

Years 5 and 6 Touch Rigby starts Hutt Park - Week 2, 4 and 6. (Notice/Draw to come home.)

Reporting an Absence

If your child is sick or will be away from school for any reason, please inform the office before 9am on the day if possible. There are several ways to do this:

Sacred Heart School, Petone - Website

Our website has been updated. Did you know you can check out our school calendar or report an absence? If you think you may have missed a notification you can find it on our website under the communications tab. Check out our school website below.

Uniform Shop

Uniform shop hours:

Tuesday 2.45pm - 3.15pm

Wednesday 8.45am - 9.15am

If you have an urgent uniform query outside of these times, please email Mrs Wilson in the office

School bank account details


Please put your child's name and what the payment is for, as the reference

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