Chapter 8 Dietary Guidelines

What do dietary Guidelines do for Americans?

They provide advice to help people live longer, healthier lives.

A health risk is the likelikood of developing health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes , and some cancers.

A diet is an eating plan. Diet refers to everything you eat and drink.

Getting enough nutrients within your calorie needs.

Calorie needs depends on your age, gender, activity level and whether you are trying to gain , maintain or lose weight.

A nutrient - dense foods is a food that provides high amounts of vitamins and minerals for relatively few calories.

How to maintain a healthy weight.

A Risk Factor is a condition that increases your chances of developing a problem. Health problems that are linked to having too much body fat.

Too many body fat can lead too:


Heart disease

High Blood pressure

Some types of cancer


An under weight person also has a health risk. The do not have enough body fat as an energy reserve.

two suggestions of loosing weight is physical activity. Eating small portions of food.

Suggestions for being physical active everyday.

Two ways that active living helps you is because you loose weight and stay active every day helps your heart become stronger. A teen should get about 60 mins of physical activity everyday. Two guidelines for including physical activity into your daily routine would be going up and down the stairs or doing chores.

Importance of whole grains, fruits, vegetables and milk

These foods are healthy because they are nutrient rich , Choleserol free and full of vitamins.

They help you be cancer free. They keep your heart healthy.

You can eat yogurt in the morning.

Drink fruit or vegetable juice.

add low fat cheese to sandwiches.

How to limit fats and Cholesterol

Saturated fats and Trans- fats make you have a high Cholesterol.

If you consume foods that will lead to high cholesterol you are in danger of getting heart disease.

Read food labels to compare the amount of total fat , saturated fats and trans fats in cholesterol foods.

Be choosy about carbohydrates.

some sugars are natural lilke in some fruits or in milk. Food with added sugar would be corn sweetners , fructose, honey maltose and syrup are all added sugars.

you should limit your sugar intake because you can get high blood sugar.

Why reduce sodium and increase potassium.

sodium helps control body fluids. These link to high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

Potassium helps counteract sodiums effect on blood pressure.

Avoid Alcohol

Teens should avoid alcoholic breveges. Drinking them can affect, or influence , your judgement and can lead to accidents or inguries.

Food saftey is important....

What ever you eat affects your body