Curacao News Live

By: Katie Goetting

Interview With Phillip

CNL: Phillip, why did you try to leave Curacao?

Phillip: My mom was scared about the war and all the black people on this island and she did not want me haging or talking with them. She thought they were different.

CNL: Do you respect your mothers opion about black people? Why?

Phillip: ummm, no because we were apart and i waas with a blck man named Timothy, and he treated me like i was his own.

CNL: What happened to Timothy?

Phillip: While we were on the island there was a big storm and his back was tron and he was very ill. But the storm had killed him and i made a grave for him.

CNL: What happened at the Cay while you were there?

Phillip: I went blind at the Cay and Timothy had pushed me to think that it was ok and it was. But thanks to Timothy i would have never survived. He tought he how to do a lot of things and i learned to survive with what he had tought me.

Timothy of Charlotte Amalie and his life