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Ensure Undivided User Attention with Ad Mobile Network

Ensure Undivided User Attention with Ad Mobile Network

The market for Smartphone and brand-new mobile apps is constantly growing. As users spend many hours throughout the day on these devices, marketers itch to get undivided customer attention. Use of mobile ad networks is the perfect way to do just that. Just like the networks on the web, the mobile platform has spawned its very own developments with big guns entering the race on a constant basis. Reasons for the explosion in Smartphone advertising are,

· Highly targetable: information regarding Smartphone users is easily available so you can choose the locations to target.

· Catch customers at purchase point: now here's your chance to approach your customers exactly when they are making purchase decisions. An incredible chance of converting them is now in your hands.

So which is going to be the best ad network for your requirements? You would choose the one that helps you to reach your desired audience effortlessly. Some of the reasons for seeking such advertising methods can be as follows:

Ø For brand building

Ø More eyeballs to attract

Ø More clicks for site

Ø Product purchase

Ø Mobile app download

Even the best mobile ad network has specific weaknesses and strengths and the main ones to consider are the following.

A. Blind networks: get volumes pumping effortlessly with these networks having access to small applications and publisher sites. Based upon your new user qualification these are great choices but they do not give you any insight regarding the prospective publishers.

B. Premium networks: they work in conjunction with high quality, a few chosen publishers only. It can be mobile operators or large destination sites where the payments are similar to those associated with display networks.

C. Blind premium networks: these focus on publishers of medium-sized levels or higher up but won't give you any insight. If you are happy with constant flow of traffic without worrying about the source, this arrangement can work well for you. They will often give you options like CPI or PPC.

D. Incentivized networks: these networks will try to make you complete various advertiser-defined actions or install mobile apps in lieu of some virtual currency. You may get either transparent or blind traffic through these sources. It is all about performance-based advertising with associated costs based per action or per install.

With a host of available network choices out there, selections should be based upon individual business models. Go with network styles that make you comfortable and test traffic quality firsthand. In case you are not sure of specific requirements, spread the advertising dollars across multiple ad networks to monitor results.

You can advertise both your mobile apps and websites on these networks and set up the campaigns in accordance. Tracking the results for mobile sites becomes easy this way as most traditional methods of tracking like server-to-server methods and client-based cookies are compatible with Smartphone. However, when it comes to tracking mobile apps things become a bit tricky.

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