I Heart You, You Haunt Me

By: Lisa Schroeder

About the Novel...

Ava is heartbroken by her boyfriends death, which she partially caused. Her boyfriend, Jackson, haunts Ava in her home. She discovers that ghosts haunt houses because of unresolved issues. In order for Jackson to stop haunting her and stop her from feeling guilt, she has to find out what the unresolved issue is and how to solve it.The story involves love, loss, grief, and learning to get over death.


Ava is the protagonist because she is the main character and deals with a lot of drama and problems. Jackson is the antagonist because he creates the drama and makes Ava feel guilty, causing Ava to go on a quest.

Character Traits:

Relating the story to Greek Mythology

In the Greek Story, Orpheus and Eurydice, there is an archetypal hero. The archetypal hero is Orpheus because he goes on a quest. In I Heart You, You Haunt Me, Ava is an archetypal hero because she goes on a quest. Since Ava can hear Jackson talk to her while he is dead, Ava discovers her quest is to live life without guilt. She has to get over Jackson's death to be happy again and so Jackson will no longer haunt Ava.

My critique of the novel:

I think the book was well-written and unique. It was also interesting because of the layout; it was written in poems that all connected. The verses had a lot of power that expressed feelings.

Myths and Real Life

Greek myths do relate to real life because people always deal with quests, weapons, and tragedy as they do in Greek Myths.
"I Heart You You Haunt Me" Book Trailer