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Overwhelming adversities by Aysha Kazi

Do Oscar and Lorenzo face the same adversities with Stinky? Spare Parts (Compare/Contrast)

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How did Caine persevere when building his arcade? Caine's Arcade Cause/Effect

Caine was RESILIENT when creating his cardboard arcade. He worked hard to MUSTER up cardboard box. Soon enough his arcade became a big effect all around the world. This caused all kids everywhere to try and create an arcade from a cardboard box. As a result, Caine has persuaded all kids to build an arcade. Now everyone around the world recycle cardboard by making arcades with them. I think Making something from scratch out of cardboard is a smart idea.

How did Maury overcome his baseball hitting adversity? Preparing to win Problem/Solution

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How did Nadja get better playing the violin?

Nadja was accepted to Julliard School of Music. Her AMBITION was to play the violin. The directors had expected her to play a piece called Carmen Fantasy. This song was harder for her than other kinds of songs. She had more and more trouble playing the song that it had decreasingly lowered her self-esteem. First, in order for her to get better she joined violin lessons, slowly she got better. Although she tried she almost got kicked out of class, and decided to not YIELD. Next, she signed up for auditions, despite her low confidence. Then, as a big boost she practiced playing every day of each month. Nadja had a competition coming up which she made it to. Finally, she made it to the finals and won the competition.

What did Helen Keller do to become a successful writer and author?

At the age of 19 months, Helen Keller had caught a severe illness causing her to lose her hearing and speech. As a child she couldn't express her emotions and got tantrums from them. The older she became the more PERSISTENT she was, she kept on trying to communicate the ones around her. Many people tried to shape her as she would become, for example, Mark Twain, the first president Calvin Coolidge, and many more. her only way of communication was sign language. When she became an adult she had become a very NOBLE person, which she had accomplished to be a very, very successful writer/author and speaker.

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