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International Student Newsletter


This is the first of Mt Hobson monthly news update with regard to international student.

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The outline below provides a summary of the possible pathways to create a sustainable pipeline of international students [yrs. 7 – 10] to MHMS. Upon any agreement, I will develop each of these the next steps to pilot set of enrolments and then grow into a steady pipeline so as not to swamp the school boutique niche.

Sample of facts: Mt Hobson in a nutshell

Overall MHMS factors:

  • Private Small school, [48 - 65 students], Niche, Boutique, Focused,

  • Yrs 7 - 10, Private, Exceptional Outcomes,
  • Pipeline to Kings, Senior College, St Kents and the like
  • Decile 10 / Strong network and pastoral care
  • Located in Auckland's premium school district along with NZ's best Private and State providers.
  • Outstanding ERO reports
  • Safe Family environment / Homestay community / Designated caregivers
  • Small classes / Integrated ESOL support./ Students with limited English
  • Powerful education model that is equipping students for further study
  • Pathway to Yrs.’ 11, 12 and 13 to both private and state providers
  • Niche Boutique opportunities./ Introduction to NZ Education

Holiday Prgrammes

· To establish and market holiday programmes [4 weeks]

· To use Villa’s South Auckland and West Auckland facilities along with MHMS base

· The draft programme covers:

o Morning ESOL [week 1 & 2]

o Afternoons Sport/Culture [week 1 & 2]

o Week 3-1 x week integrated with normal classes [ESOL in late afternoons]

o Week 4-1 x week sightseeing: Hobbits/Rotorua/Culture/Waitomo Caves inclusive of ESOL

o Final night celebration graduation event

Short Term Options

· To enrol students into short term “taste and see” encounters

· 4- 6 weeks enrolment

· Pattern that has been used many times successfully

Long Term Options

· To establish a 4 + 3 pathway in University of MHMS + leading High School pipeline

· MHMS has established a signed MoU with High Schools


Final Comments

As the newly appointed International Manager having had a lifetime in education with extensive experience in the international market I look forward to working with all within the Mt Hobson international community to bring to a focused group of international students attending Mt Hobson the most positive learning experience possible