Blast To the Past: 1920's

Sabrina Barron, Mrs. Sandoval, Period 5

1700 Spanish Cannons

The US acquired the Panama Canal by encouraging Panama to go to war with Spain thus gaining their independence which allowed the US to create it. It benefited the US because we got to use it to move our warships faster, gain more trade with Latin America and less travel time for ships.

Chinese Pavillion

The immigrant processing center Chinese immigrants most likely came though was Angel Island. The Chinese Exclusion Act was implemented because US citizens are racists and they wanted jobs that the Chinese were getting because they were willing to work more for less.


Five new consumer products created in the 1920's were the telephone, the radio, Model T, phonograph, and Dr. Pepper..


The Dada movement emerged because people were now questioning everything about society and becoming rebellious.


Surrealism is art that was created to reveal the unconscious mind and is very dream-like.

Fox Theater

Movies differ today from the 1920's because now they are not silent, they now have color, and there are special effects that are highly advanced.

Raincross Bell

The raincross symbol is the Native American symbol for the dragonfly that came after every summer rainfall. It is also inspired by Father Junipero Serra, who founded California missions.

Booker T Washington Bust

Booker T Washington was an African American educator and adviser to the presidents of the United States. His views were different from WEB Dubois because Washington wanted African Americans to accept the discrimination until they could elevate and win the respect of whites. Dubois wanted social change and it would be accomplished by "the Talented Tenth."

Nanking Bell

The Boxer Rebellion was triggered because of American Imperialism in China. America's response was to fight back.

Frank Miller Statue

I think the government was incorrect for granting the Mission Inn Hotel as a historic landmark because even though it is a grand hotel and there other hotels and other places also visited by famous people.