Charles Ellis Montessori Academy, Week of January 10, 2022

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“In the child is much knowledge, much wisdom. If we do not profit from it, it is only because of neglect on our part to become humble and to see the wonder of this soul and learn what the child can teach.” Maria Montessori

At the turn of the year I invite you to find opportunities for WONDER! Every day is a great day to learn something new. What did you learn today from your child and will you be resolute in following your child's teachings.


Ms. Tanya

Important Dates

January 11- MAP Reading Assessment (1st-8th Grades)

January 17- Dr. MLK Jr. Day- No School!

January 22- Choice Program Application Window Opens

January 27- PTA Meeting

January 28- DDDD Supporting the Red Cross

February 4- Choice Program Application Window Closes

February 21- Staff Planning Day- No School for Students!

March 4- Choice Program Lottery

School-Wide Grace & Courtesy Focus

The language for identifying/naming UNITY/LOYALTY in "The Self-Awakened Child" series by Jonathan Wolff:


  • When I think that all animals, birds, bugs, plants, and people are all part of Earth's big family, I am thinking about Unity.
  • When I look at all the ways people who look and talk different than I do are like me, I am thinking with Unity.


  • When I choose to be your friend and I am your friend forever, no matter what happens, I am being Loyal.
  • When whatever I do or say helps our friendship grow closer and better and I never purposely do anything to hurt you, I am being Loyal.
  • When my words and actions are the same as the love and truth of my heart, I am being Loyal to myself.

District MAP Assessments

All students in 1st-8th grade will be taking the district MAP reading assessment on Tuesday, January 11th.

You can help us by ensuring that students come to school well-rested with their device FULLY CHARGED. Students in 1st grade and any student with testing accommodations will also need their own headphones/earbuds.

Thank you for your assistance.

DEEP Writing Workshop

Registration for the spring semester of the DEEP program is now open!

What: DEEP Writing Program

Who: 6th-8th Grade Students

Where: Virtual classes at home via Zoom

When: Mondays from 4-5:15pm beginning January 24, 2022

How: Fill out the form at bit.ly/YAPForm

Deadline: Last Day to register is January 14

Yearbook Pre-Orders

The 2021-2022 Ellis yearbook is now available to pre-order for $20. It is highly recommended that you order now to secure your copy as we will have a limited quantity of extra copies when they are delivered.

Use this link to order your copy today!

Yearbooks will be delivered in April/May to your student(s).

If you have any questions, contact Ms. Lisa (lisa.odonnell@sccpss.com).

From the Clinic

Please review the flowchart on the Nurse's page of the Ellis website.

If your student has been vaccinated for Covid-19, please send a copy of the vaccination card to Nurse Chris for her records.

Please note:

Nurse Chris' email address has changed to christine.oboyle@sccpss.com

If your child is (or will be) absent for any reason, please email your child's teacher AND copy Nurse Chris on the email.

If your student is classified as a "Close Contact" with someone who has COVID-19 at school, you will receive a phone call from someone on the Ellis Contact Tracing team to pick them up immediately. When you pick up your student, you will be provided with a letter from Nurse Chris outlining further instructions including when your student will be allowed to return to the building. You can view that letter template on the Nurse's page of the Ellis school website for your future reference. It is also listed in the updated Ellis Family Handbook.

Contact Information:



Counselors' Corner

A big warm welcome to the newest member of our Charles Ellis team- Mr. Wesley Cooper! Mr. Wes graduated in December 2021 from Wilmington University and was Ms. Rebecca's intern during Fall semester. Mr. Wes will be focusing on helping our Upper Elementary and Erdkinder students but is available to all families as needed. Mr. Wes and Ms. Rebecca are excited to work together to serve our school community!

Please let us know if our school counseling department can be of assistance to you and your family, or if you need any resources such as the Backpack Buddies free food program. Resources are available on the School Counseling Website including a list of mental health professionals, relaxation activities, and family newsletters.

Note for Erdkinder Families- If you happened to miss last month's High School Info Session, click here for the recording or click here to view a pdf of the presentation. For more information about the Choice School process and application timelines, visit choice.sccpss.com and high school websites for info about upcoming open houses.

Rebecca Burkhart- Primary and Lower Elementary School Counselor

Wesley Cooper- Upper Elementary and Erdkinder School Counselor

912-395-5470 x2


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Walker Dismissal

If your Upper El/Erdkinder (4th-8th grade) student(s) walk home/Circle Park with your written permission at dismissal, please take note and talk to your student so they understand the following:
  • If it is a rainy day (without thunder/lightning) dismissal, students will still be dismissed to walk home/Circle Park. They must leave the school grounds once they leave the building.
  • If it is a severe weather (with thunder/lightning) dismissal, students must wait in the MPR for an approved adult to pick them up from the MPR door on Battey St.
  • Students are NOT allowed to hang out/wait outside of the school doors once they leave the school building. This is a liability as there is no adult supervision outside of the school.
  • There is NO adult supervision by school staff at Circle Park since it is off school grounds. It is up to the parent/guardian to ensure that their student is behaving in a safe and appropriate manner.

Devices Brought to School Daily

If your student takes their school device home on a daily basis, PLEASE make sure that they are bringing it back to school EVERY DAY, FULLY CHARGED. Students need their devices at school for district assessments, Explorations, etc.

Students must also have their own set of earbuds/headphones. We cannot share these items among students for hygiene reasons.

If you would like your student to keep their device at school, please contact your student's teacher to arrange that.

Thank you for your help with teaching our students to be responsible for their school materials.

Publix Partners

Publix Partners is donating to our school, and you can help! Ellis has received over $12,000 since our partnership began many years ago. Once you add our school to your account, you never have to think about it again...win-win!

Here's how you can enroll and participate in just a few steps:

  1. Visit publix.com/partners and select our school: Charles Ellis Montessori- Savannah, GA
  2. Provide your phone number every time you check out at Publix.
  3. Publix will donate a portion of qualifying purchases to our school!

Ellis PTA

The PTA is calling all local business owners to consider investing in our school by being a PTA Business Sponsor. See attached form below. We appreciate your consideration and help spreading the word out to our community about this great opportunity

If you haven't joined the PTA yet, please do!

Joining the PTA is a small but significant way to get involved in our school and to make a difference in the lives of our Ellis community.

Click here to join or donate.


There is still PTA Committee Chairs open:

Arts Enrichment


If interested in joining a PTA committee, contact Emily Salzer (emilycsalzer@gmail.com) or Kellie Groover (kellie.groover@focuslabllc.com), PTA Co-Presidents.

If you are a parent/guardian of a new Ellis student, request to join the Ellis PTA Facebook Group to connect with us​. ​

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Ms. Lisa O'Donnell


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