The people

The population of Gambia is 1.5 million and growing, at 2.98 percent. The official language is english, but most Gambians speek Wolof. About 85 percent of the population is muslem. Poeple in Gambia usually have a positive view on live, they help strangers.
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Most people greet one another by a simple hand shake, or they would bend their knees to the ground, to show respect. Visiting is a healthy way to keep good relation ships with friends and family. Guests are always welcom and never turned away. They eat three meals a day, starting with breakfast and ending with dinner, all starting and ending around the same time we do. When they eat men usually sit on the ground, but women sit on a low bench or stool.
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Life style

A Gambian family usually has three generations living togeather. They address their family menbers by name, but in conversation they call eachother thier family title. Young men and women do not usualy socialize. Dating is not aloud, but some times it accoures with out knowledge of the parents, like in the streets at night or at soccor games.
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