all about me

by audrey

my family

my name is Audrey and i was born in Alen i was born April 30th and im 8 i live with

  1. my mom,sister,brother,and dad my mom is really sweet and kind her name is Michelle my sister she kinda fights with me or my brother her name is Jessica and my brothers name is Nathan he is mean he hits me and my dad his name is Billy willam i have 6 cats their names are puff,bear,luna,black chocolet,fuzzy,and my dogs name is khloe

important memories

  1. when i just got cats it was the first time I held one and petted one it was so important i loved it
  2. when me and my friends were doing charlie charlie we heard something and it was the cat
  3. my sister let me play with her for the first time i guess


  1. getting a good grade on star test
  2. being a horse back rider
  3. a good sibling
  4. a good friend


  1. i love horse back riding and hosres
  2. i like climbing trees and adventure
  3. i love cats and kitties


  1. horse back riding
  2. gamer and master of minecraft
  3. goodie two shoes