Why is Mary G. Porter Great?

By: Minahil Khan

Mary G. Porter Traditional school shapes the minds of all of the children. This school gets the kids thinking in different ways. Porter's theory is, student + parent + teacher = success. This is has gotten Porter school of excellence for nine consecutive years! Student thrive to do their personal best, that why in every classroom there is a bulletin board displaying the students amazing work!

Porter Traditional School is a specialty school in Prince William County.

A school of choice is a place where students attend by choice, rather than by geographic assignment. Because parents choose to send their children to Porter, educators and parents can agree to shape the programs in the best interests of the students. This is different from general public education, where the programs must consider the entire public population of the school system.

We are expected to give our best effort toward work at school, at home, and in our community. We are guided and encouraged in proper behavior, use of language, study habits, and community involvement. Each of us are required to perform 10 - 20 hours volunteer service, depending on our grade level.

Porter parents are expected to give their best effort toward supporting our efforts at school and in the community. Each of our familes is required to volunteer at the school for at least 10 hours on their behalf each school year.

All parents and students attending Mary G. Porter Traditional School have agreed in order to attend our school that all students MUST wear the school uniform during the school day and to designated school functions. All students must follow the Prince WIlliam County code of behavior. If staff see a violation, students can face consequences.