Week of Giving


This school year, our student council has planned the entire week of giving! After looking at recent news articles, they felt most compelled to help with children who have experienced some type of abuse. After speaking with several organizations throughout the Louisville community, the student council decided to help both the YMCA Safe Place and Family and Children's Place. Therefore, our week of giving will serve a dual purpose. We will be collecting canned goods and other non perishable items to donate to the YMCA Safe Place. We will also have a money drive, that the student council has named the Gold Rush, to help with both organizations. The Gold Rush will be played much like a penny war except we've changed a few rules. Every class will have a jar for collection in the front office. Students can place any type of coin in the jar and it will count for their grade. If they have a dollar bill, they can place it in another grade's jar to count against the same amount in coins. For example, if someone placed a dollar in the Fifth Grade jar, one dollar of their totals coins would be cancelled out. The grade with the highest amount at the end of the week will win a prize! In addition, students who bring in one canned good/non-perishable item will be able to participate in the following weekly events (one item per day to participate):

  • Monday (December14)- Hat and/or crazy sock day
  • Tuesday (December 15)- Twinsie Tuesday (dress like a friend or group of friends)
  • Wednesday (December 16)- Fashion disaster/crazy hair day
  • Thursday (December 17)- Out of uniform
  • Friday (December 18)- Pajama day

Additionally, we will have a Day of Giving ceremony on Friday, December 18th at 1:30 to celebrate all of the donations given throughout the week.