Thursday PEAK ---September 19, 2013

Fall Conferences


PGD: Short Term Goals

  • Each day, students write a daily goal and then write an evaluation whether the goal was met. Students also rate their individual progress on a scale of 1- 5 in four areas: math, topic study, theme study, and science. The areas rated are: persistence, on-task behavior and good thinking. We will share these goal sheets at conferences. I met with each student at the end of the day to look over their goal sheet and provide feedback.
  • We have one more week to finish a drawing for our class symbol/slogan contest "We hunt for success." A few students left their pictures at home --next week is the final week to turn something in for the class contest.

Critical Thinking:

  • We reviewed the critical thinking skills: clarity, accuracy, precision.

Creativity: Visual Word Puzzle Video --We had a blast filming our clips! I am so impressed with the kids effort and focus! We will finish filming next week. Look for our finished video the first week of October. To finish we need pop rocks (Audrey) and costume (Emma). I am taking care of a few other props.


  • Today we sorted humanitarians we were interested in to different categories (medical, hunger/poverty, civil rights, environmentalist, educators, and general humanitarians,
  • Students spent an hour looking at websites and books to determine their top choice to study. Please talk to your child about his/her selection. We discussed humanitarian qualities --- person or organization that has devoted life to betterment of mankind.
  • Be thinking of a personal project to impact humanity - "Power of One" project. We will start brainstorming next week. We will spend weeks discussing --plans are due November 14.

Enrichment Centers:

  • Topic Study: Today we added to our Padlet. This tool will help the students take notes in topic study. Your child can access his/her pad from home. Students did a great job taking notes on their topic. Everyone is so focused!
  • Math: We solved math problems! Everyone worked hard! We have a great math group!
  • Science: Students continue to deepen their knowledge of parallel and series circuits.



  • If you child would like to draw the symbol and slogan for our class --- he/she should complete a drawing on a sheet of white paper. The picture should include the symbol and the slogan. We will vote next week! (LAST OPPORTUNITY!)