UWB/CCC Coffeehouse

Coffehouse - Featuring Jenny Snipstead

Tuesday, Nov 27th 2012 at 1-2:30pm

Food For Thought Cafe

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Introducing JENNY SNIPSTEAD...

Recent Pacific Lutheran University grad Jenny Snipstead describes her own sound in four words: “Jazz Folk Pop Fusion". Her upcoming EP project is actually going to be largely funded by money she won in the 2010 Folgers Jungle Contest. Her entry in the competition was co-penned with her best friend back home Ethan Thompson. When the pair wrote their jingle in Thompson’s Seattle hotel room they never dreamed of winning the grand cash prize. “It’s given us the resources to be able to go out and pursue music the way that we want,” says Snipstead, adding playfully that she doesn’t always want her talent “to be appreciated by drinkers of Folgers Coffee alone.” She is currently putting her Spanish degree to good use at Birney Elementary, helping to translate in a pre-school class heavily populated with ESL students. For now, translating is the career she’d like to pursue.
Leaving On A Jet Plane - Jenny Snipstead and Ethan Thompson