Egypt in the News

Egypt is home to the largest river in the world, the Nile River. Egypt also has the largest Arabic population in the world. Even though Egypt is a very large country many people tend to stay close to the Nile river for clean water and farming purposes.

No More Fertilizer!

Officials say that the fertilizers running low

Officials are now on high alert knowing that the mineral salt used in fertilizers, phosphate, is running low. Officials from the National fertilizer Association (NFA), did a head count on phosphate and realized it was running low! 'NFA' official said, " by the rate we are using phosphate, it will be gone by the end of the year!

Start of a New War?

Some government officials say that we could be on the break of a new war! Government officials who prefer not to be named have stayed that very soon there might a war against the north and the south of the country. A war between two side of a country a civil war all might be happening because of the Aswan Dam. The south is mad because of the lack of water they are getting because of the dam. While people of the north argue that the dam is good because it's used to store water. More on this story to come.

Egypt's Main Crops Might Be Dissappearing!?

Egypts some of Egypt's main crops such as sugar cane, grains and vegetables may soon no longer be farmed there. Some far,ears have told us that they will no longer be growing these things because the government already is buying much of it from other countries. This may cause a problem because in small towns where these things are in such high demands may have to wait week or even months to get their fresh vegetables!

Egypt's Money

Most of Egypt's money is used on a couple different things such as petroleum, equipment and machinery. Some of its main exports are cotton and textiles. Most of the trading between countries and Egypt are with the United States and Germany. Much of the money is also used to buy things like metal and chemicals.

Egypt's people

More and more people bust Egypt everyday so you might need to know some different facts about this country people. Egyptians usually spend thief time outside being it rarely rains and is a good use of light. People also usually farm their own crops since the land is fertile. Lastly, people usually stay and live along the Nile because it gives the clean water and plenty of fertile land for their farming. I hope now you know a little more about Egyptians.