Dueling discount

$20 off or 20% off?

Last chair for sell!

Ok! I have two coupons to purchase this chair.

I have $20 off and 20% off.

Which one should I use?

1). If I use the $20 coupon. The total amount Would it be $119.99.

2). If I use the 20% off coupon. I have to multiply, 139.99 *0.2 ,which 20% is equal to 0.2.

So, it will be equal to 27.998 and then subtract the total amount from the original price

139.99 - 27.99 and the total price will be $112.

:)) so I will use. The 20% discount because it's cheaper.

Which coupon is better? 😁😱

So, I believe that each coupon could be better in a different purchase. For example, the $20 coupon will work on smaller pricing and pay less because the 20% discount will not be high to make it cheaper on smaller pricing.

Which coupon is better?

Which do you use and under what conditions?

The coupons that I would use will depend on the purchase and pricing because the $20 dollar will be better then the percentage. On the other hand, the percentage will be a better use if the purchase and pricing is high because it will drop the pricing more :) and that will not hurt my wallet.

Victor Pinzon purchase with coupons.