Benyamin Escobedo World geography 11/10/14

Why Uruguay

  • Great climate, Uruguay is free from extreme climate conditions, such as earthquakes , hurricanes, extreme temperatures.
  • Good quality of life, Amazing infrastructure, great services for citizens, high internet coverage since it was the first country to digitalize it.
  • Friendly people, lots of warm welcoming people ready to help others. High literacy rate. English is their 2nd language.
  • Gorgeous nature, with Uruguay's coastline there is beautiful unspoiled beaches.

Uruguay religion

  • Roman catholic
  • Christian 58%

Uruguayans language

  • Spanish is the official language.
  • Hello in Uruguayan language is “hola”

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People in uruguay

  • It is mostly white with 88%, mestizo 8%, black 4%


  • One if their traditions is Carnival
  • Tango and folklore are traditional dances. La cumparsita is a famous song in Uruguay.
  • Barbecue and asado is very exquisite and famous in Uruguay. Dulce de leche is very often used to fill cookies, cakes, milhojas, alfajores.


•Services 73%, industry 14%, agriculture 13%


  • Most of them do it to drive away bad things from their life and others for Portugal's birthday in 1641.
  • Starts from mid January to late February.

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