Outdoor Bucket List

By Logan Soltow

The San Juan Mountains

We go on the trails of the San Juan Mountain Range every year near our cabin in Lake City Colorado. I would like to take the ranger and go up high in the mountain and go camping for a few days. Wind erosion caused these mountains to form. Ice can also help erode some of the mountains. This is also an example of physical weathering.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

In Ohio there are zip lines that go through the woods and you can go as far as you want and ride how you want. You can also walk through the woods in ropes that have been set up as bridges. This is an example deposition. Also chemical weathering do to chainsaws cutting paths.

Beaver Creek Rafting

Here you can go white water rafting through the crazy rapids of Colorado. They rivers where formed from erosion and ice erosion. And is physical weathering.

Mountain Biking

i would like to go mountain biking in the mountains around Lake City, CO. The trails where formed from wind and erosion with a little deposition.

Black Bear Pass

This pass is the most dangerous mountain trail in Colorado and i want to conquer it before i die. It is known for its turn around that are narrow steep and sharp. it was formed by wind erosion and also ice and deposition also physical weathering.
Black Bear Pass, Colorado