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Is It Renewable Or Nonrenewable

Biomass is a renewable resource. BioMass is trees, grains, garbage, and animal waste.

Where is it found on the earth?

Bio-mass is found almost everywhere. Since it is trees and waste and so on, there aren't many places that don't have bio-mass except deserts.

How is it used

It is used by cities and communities that require electricity. Biomass is a reliable resource because you can use it all the time without polluting the environment.(because your using the environment)

Products created and other uses for this energy

Products that are created by Biomass are, Energy, little pollution, methane, ethanol, and E-10. We can also use biomass to make eco fuel and safe alternatives for other harmful products.

Who uses it now?

America, the UK, and Wales are the main users of Biomass yearly. We aren't the prime polluters because we use safe alternatives. Biomass is alot cheaper in some ways than regular fuels because of how much you can make and because it is alot better to use.
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The average cost of Biomass

The actual cost would would depend on financing, location, system cost, and fuel cost.

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