Your Digital Footprint Danger

Watch your step

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What is it

A digital footprint is all your data from every picture and video you upload to every comment you post. Digital footprints are different to those you leave in the sand after a trip to the beach, they don't wash away that easily, you see everything you do on the internet gets recorded in one way or another.Which is why maintaining a good strong digital footprint is so important.

What can go wrong (Example, photos)

You take a picture of yourself and some friends at a party then upload it.

  • You're best friend who wasn't invited see's it, consider that friendship severed.
  • It's a work party but your boss wasn't invited he/she see's it, consider your employment terminated.
  • You told your parents you were at a small sleepover they then see the picture, consider yourself grounded.

These are just a few examples of what can go wrong when you are careless with your digital footprint.
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Case study

Executive: The top executive for a multi-million dollar had his reputation near ruined when a major news agency merely googled his name, -the first ten links were to horrible material about men who shared his name and nothing else- and created a false report on him.

Imagine you are one of the men who's digital footprint negatively effected someone else.

So overall protect your digital footprint for your sake as well as others!