the Declatory Act

of 1766

What caused the act to be passed?

The British parliament repealed the Stamp Act of 1765 because boycotts were hurting British trade. They then used the declaration to justify the repeal and restore balance to the colonies.

What is the Declatory Act of 1766?

The Declatory Act of 1766 is a law passed by King George the 3rd saying that all of the American colonies and all of the British colonies are obligated to pay equal taxes, and that the British parliment had the power to pass laws in America.
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King George The 3rd

How did the colonist react to this act?

Most colonist were outraged, do to the fact that this act was hinting at more acts coming soon. This act was copied almost word for word from the Irish Declatory act, an act that placed Ireland in bondadge with the crown, implying that the same fat would come to the 13 colonies.
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