The Next Step

giving students a step in the right direction

What is "The Next Step"?

It is a Mexico Public Schools sponsored after school program. We work with students who may not qualify for extra services but still need that extra next step in reading, math and study skills. Our program is located at the

We are not just homework tutors!

We work with reading and math curriculum so that your student is actively learning and building skills while they are with us. This means that parents/guardians will need to check for homework completion on a daily basis. There will be times when your student's homework may not get finished while they are at TNS.

Daily Schedule: Mon-Thurs

Arrival & Snack

20 min Session One

20 min Session Two

20 min Session Three

Pick-Up & Pack-Up

This year The Next Step Program will have a rotation schedule (as shown above) so that students will get a math, reading/writing and a homework session each day they are with us.

Dates You Need to Know. . .

Start Date: Monday, Oct 23rd

Not in Session: Mon Oct 30th & Tues Oct 20th for PD Day and Halloween

Not in Session: Thanksgiving Week

1st Sem End Date: Thursday, Dec 14th

Winter Break

2nd Sem Start Date: Monday, Jan 8th

Not in Session: Monday, Jan 15th

Not in Session: Thursday, Feb 15th, and Monday, Feb 19th

Not in Session: Monday, Apr 2nd

End Date: Thursday, April 26th

Transportation Info

For students who are invited to participate in The Next Step program, bus transportation will be provided to the Middle School building and then home from that building at 5:00 pm (provided the student lives in town).

Bus #77 will be taking our students home from MMS at 5:00 PM.

Please Note:

Bus transportation is a privilege for after-school programs and students will be given discipline infractions for unacceptable behavior. Any discipline infraction on the bus may result in students being suspended from bus transportation temporarily or permanently and subject to removal from the TNS after school program.

If you will be picking up your student from The Next Step program please arrive no later than 5:00 PM and use the front circle drive at the Middle School.