My Canadian Teen Culture

Following the Guideline to Core Values


I only speak english as a main language. Although I have roots in different cultures I have never been taught another language by my family.

Customs and Traditions

  1. Christmas: When I'm at my cottage at Christmas my cousins and I always open a new calendar every Christmas Morning. At my house we make Christmas Morning Wifesaver on Christmas morning every year. I've provided the recipe below.

2. New Years: If I'm at my cottage (I usually am) then we have fireworks, and my cousins and I run on the frozen lake with sparklers. Wherever I am I always stay up until 12:00.

3. Canada Day: Usually I'm with my dad in Edmonton for Canada Day. When he was in the army he would take us to fairs on the base. Even though he's not in the army anymore he still loves to celebrate Canada Day.

Artifacts: Important Things

Before I list all my artifacts, I'd like to mention that my most important artifact is my friends and family. Without them I wouldn't be who I am today.
Phone- My phone is important to me. It's the connection to some of my other artifacts, like Instagram and music. Without it, I wouldn't have the music I love and connections to friends.
Music- My music is very important to me. Not only does it calm me or help me express emotions, it inspires me to filter certain emotions from the music into a drawing or something I'm writing. Some say silence is good but it's not for me. Music keeps me happy and without it I start worrying too much and focusing on sad things. I need my music to keep me happy and smiling when my friends aren't there.
Instagram- it's my online home. People there appreciate my art and I feel accepted, even popular, opposed to at school where I am an underdog and ignored. I can talk to friends and post art that I know people will like, they won't criticize me if all I draw is animals. They are like me, they accept me for who I am. Some of my best friends are from Instagram.
Skype- Skype is a connection. I connect with online friends. I met one of my best friends, Blake, online and we constantly talk on Skype. Without Skype I'd be alone, nobody to talk to when Sydney is busy. I can send photos me and my friends are collaborating on together through Skype, it's like a room just for my friends.
Computer and Drawing Tablet- My computer is a home base, whether I'm Skyping or streaming, it's what I'm using. If I'm streaming, people are watching me draw on my tablet. Digital art is my passion, it's what I love to do. I like to improve and get help from friends. When I'm not home I'm wishing I am, so I could draw for hours.
Sketchbook- if I'm not home, paper is a saviour. I love drawing. It helps me release emotions, it's fun and enjoyable. I can't really describe that feeling, it's something you have to experience to understand. It's the feeling of being free, a room in your mind full of your ideas and your creativity.

Core Values

The listed things above are important, but core values are different. Core values to me are ways of thinking, personal codes. My core values are really being true, honest, and loyal to my friends. I would never abandon them, because I don't ever want to do things to my friends that previous ones have done to me. I focus on helping others more than helping myself, because I don't know what I need. But I do know that helping others makes them feel better and me as well, I feel like I've accomplished something. I feel, for a moment, whole. Like helping another person fills a void inside me. Once, I went on Omegle and talked someone out of suicide just because I wanted to save a life. So I suppose my core values are not focused on me, but rather on picking up other people.
Rick Mercer Talking to Americans Part 1
Above is a fun video featuring Rick Mercer fooling Americans with fake facts about Canada. I'm glad I'm Canadian and that I don't get fooled like this!
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