Welcome Back


Dear Faculty,

The LMC has two new librarians, Amanda Graves and Kristy Eldeen. We are very excited to be a part of such an extraordinary school community. A big part of our job is to collaborate with you, so please feel free to contact us about joining forces. We can help with research projects, teaching students how to use the databases, bibliographies/citation, web 2.0 tool lessons for teachers or students, resource lists for projects, creating 21st century research projects, digital citizenship, reading incentives for students and more.

We understand how busy everyone is, so if you do not have time to take your class to the LMC or computer lab, we can come to you. We can pop in and teach a 5-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute, etc., lesson on databases or anything you would like. The walls of the library do not limit us! Whatever the time crunch, we can make it work.

We would love to see more teachers utilize the LMC. We are sure you already know, but this is YOUR library (not just the students'). Feel free to use it during your planning period, before or after school (really, anytime). That goes for the "collaboration room" too. If you are looking for a space to work in a group without any distractions, the collaboration room in the back of the LMC is perfect. It would be great for the students to see you working anywhere in the LMC.

A few changes to note:

  • The sign up sheet is now located at the front of the LMC at the circulation desk.
  • The reference area is now in the middle (where the computers used to be).
  • The computer area will soon be located in the front (where the cubbies used to be). *Thanks Tech Department!*
  • The cubbies are now in the back (where the reference area used to be).
  • There are no more zones. Now, collaborative work happens in the front and quiet, individual work happens in the back.

Our Schedules:

Amanda Graves, School Librarian

7:30-3:00 Monday through Friday

Ashley Litchfield (formerly McWilliams), Library Secretary

7:00-3:00 Monday through Friday

Kristy Eldeen, School Librarian

M 11:00-3:30

T 12:30-3:30

W 8:00-11:00

TH 11:05-3:30

F 8:00-11:00

New Titles

Book Clubs

We here at the LMC are planning on creating a book club for TEACHERS. Please be on the lookout for a short survey in your emails to collect details about interest and what will work best for you.

We are also going to continue on with the student book club. We will (probably) start this in November. If you would be willing to have your students receive extra credit for participating, please let us know. We want lots of students, so are looking for ways to incentivize the program.

Teen Reader Conference

TeenReaderCon will take place on Saturday, October, 17 2015 at SUNY Albany- Downtown Campus from 9:00 am- 4:00 pm. TeenReaderCon will bring area teens together to inspire, share, and celebrate a love of reading and writing. Popular authors Jennifer Armstrong, SA Bodeen, Eric Devine, Helen Frost, David Levithan, Jackie Morse Kessler, James Preller, Eliot Schrefer, and Todd Strasser will be featured at this FREE event!

BCHS will provide bus transportation to this event for up to 25 students. Please let your students know they may sign up in the LMC.

Visit http://teenreadercon.weebly.com/ for more information.

Web 2.o for Teachers

A new web 2.0 tool will be featured in each LMC e-flyer.

Quizizz.com, which is free, lets you access tons of previously-created learning “quizzes” and also lets you create your own. Once you as the teacher joins, which takes seconds, you pick a quiz; are given a code for a virtual room; then give the code to your students, who just log in with the code and a nickname (they don’t have to register with the site). When all your students are set, you click “start game.” You see the leader board as do the students as they’re progressing through the quiz. In a number of ways, it’s similar to Kahoot. However, the key advantage that Quizizz seems to have over Kahoot is that with Quizizz, students see the questions, answers, and their leaderboard on their device. With Kahoot, students’ devices only show the answers and they have to look at an overhead to see the questions.


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The Gist

  • New Librarians: Amanda Graves (brunette) and Kristy Eldeen (blonde).
  • Changes: Collabo in the front, quiet in the back, laptops at circulation, reference in the middle, desktops will be here soon, eating is allowed. Also, sign up binder at circ desk.
  • We can teach lessons in your room to save you time & we love to collaborate.
  • Schedules: Amanda M-F 7:30-3/Kristy M:11-3, T:12:30-3, W:8-11, TH:11-3, F:8-11
  • Teacher Book Club: Survey coming soon to your emails about a new teacher book club.
  • Student Book Club: Student book club coming in November(ish). Would you consider giving extra credit for participation?
  • Event: Teen Reader Con field trip is on Saturday, 10/17/15 from 9-4 at the UAlbany Downtown Campus- Push it, please. Students can get details in the LMC.
  • Web 2.0: Quizzizz.com is a great web 2.0 tool.
  • One more thing: Consider using the collaboration room (located in the back of the LMC) for your planning period, break, meeting, club, etc. Also, it's air conditioned.