Meal Sharing

A good way to experience new cultures

Information about the Foundation

Their mission is to bring different societies and cultures together over a home cooked meal. It will also encourage people to eat at home more therefore being more healthy. Anybody could be a host and anybody could be a guest. This is what makes this foundation unique. Bringing people together to have a good time over food is a food lover's dream come true. The foundation got started when Jay wanted to have a home cooked meal on his trip to Cambodia. He explained that a lot of native people wanted to share their meals. Because of this, his organization thrived. From word of mouth, his foundation started to grow and it advertised itself.

Similarities and Differences

My previous entrepreneur was Paul Newman. Both entrepreneurs strive for a goal that would ultimately help others. For example, Paul Newman gives the earnings of his foundation to charity. Jay gives people happiness and social awareness about other ethnicities. Both of their foundation ultimately help others in a way. Another example of them being similar is how both started the business. Both wanted to do the business not for the money, but because they wanted to pursue that career. But the two also have some differences. One of them is a social entrepreneur and the other is a business entrepreneur. Paul Newman sells products to people. Jay Savsani shares stories and meals with people.

By: Matthew Kim