Welcome Back!

2019-2020 School Year

Important News for You!

Dear HMS and WJHS Parents,

The countdown is on! Soon your child will be back to a regular schedule, spending time in classes, reconnecting with friends, and getting to know new teachers. We are looking forward to welcoming our fifth through eighth graders to the 5-8 campus this school year!

As you prepare for your child’s return to school, please take a moment to refer to the main page of the HMS website or the WJHS website. Under the "Recent News" heading, you will find a link to "Back to School" information where you can find many important reminders, links, and documents to help make your transition back-to-school smooth.

  • The District Parent Handbook has been updated and is ready to be bookmarked on your device for quick access. Please note that there is a detailed addendum to the Parent Handbook outlining district policies around discipline. It is a great resource for you and your child. Additionally there is an addendum for each District school that contains school-specific information to help you throughout the school year.
  • District 39 continues to prioritize safety procedures and we want to remind you that when you come to HMS or WJHS, you will need your driver’s license each time you enter the building. The receptionist will hold onto your license while you are in the building and will return it to you when you leave for the day, in exchange for a visitor lanyard. Thank you for your help in keeping our students safe!
  • Information about class placement and schedules will be sent to families Tuesday, 8/20, along with information from your child's GLAd. These emails go out in batches all day long, so rest assured, it will be on its way even if it takes a while. Contact the office if you do not receive placement information by Wednesday, 8/21.
  • De' Nest after-school programming will be hosted at HMS in the library this year. Students from WJHS will be bussed to Highcrest for the after-school program that will run from 3:45 - 5:45 PM. Parents will be asked to pick up their children at the library by 5:45, and will be given a phone number to call upon arrival. As with last year, the cost is $4.00 a day, and all students who may use De' Nest even just once throughout the year should be registered by clicking HERE.
  • 5th Grade and 7th Grade Orientation...WHAT TO EXPECT... both the 5th and the 7th grade orientation sessions are meant as a quick introduction to the school, learn the main common areas (cafeteria, gyms, etc.) of the school, and learn some of the people in your child's homeroom. While administrators, and specifically your child's GLAd, will be meeting with the groups at the start of orientation, homeroom activities and tours are led by older students. This allows students to connect with an older peer who will also be attending school, and allows the incoming students to ask real questions of kids who have recently been through the same experience. Teachers, paraprofessionals, and other staff members are generally not in their rooms. Students will meet their teachers on the first day of school, August 28. During the student portion of orientation, parents are welcome to join the PTO at a coffee in the cafeteria to learn about opportunities available for parents to connect to the school. 7th Grade parents can also purchase a gym uniform (or two) at this time and SPIRIT WEAR will be available at both schools for purchase and take home! Parents will receive specific orientation times with their child's schedule. Be on the look out!

Check your email frequently in the coming days! Both your child's GLAd and I will be sending information about upcoming events, arrival and dismissal information, and district initiatives for the coming year. We look forward to partnering with you for a great school year!

Enjoy these last few days of summer, and we will see you on August 28 for our first HALF day!


Mark Your Calendar!

  • August 22 - 5th Grade Orientation and HMS PTO Coffee 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
  • August 23 - 7th Grade Orientation and WJHS PTO Coffee 10:00 AM - 12:15 PM
  • August 28 - First day of school (half day)
  • September 5 - 5th Grade Curriculum Night
  • September 12 - 6th Grade Curriculum Night
  • September 19 - 7th Grade Curriculum Night
  • September 26 - 8th Grade Curriculum Night