Wilbur "Mad Dog" Underhill, Jr

Reed Callegan

Family Life

Wilber was raised with 3 brothers and 3 sisters. All of his brothers turned towards crime but he most known for his crimes. All his sisters married and lived by the law. He later on changed his name from Wilber to Wilbur because he thought it was more manly.

Crime Life

  1. Bulgary (1917) - sentenced to 4 years in prison - released in 1922
  2. Armed Robbery (1923) - sentenced to 5 years in prison - put on parole in 1926
  3. Rape (1927) - sentenced to life in prison - escaped in 1931
  4. Murder (1931) - sentenced to life in prison - escaped in 1933
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Wilbur was known as the "Tri-State Terror". He had committed crimes in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. He was wanted for $10,000.
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Kansas City Massacre

Wilbur was accused of playing a part in the shootings with the Kansas City Massacre before his death.
Union Station Massacre of 1933


A 24 man strike surrounded his house on December 26, 1933. He started to shoot at them. He was eventually shot and killed my the police along with his wife.