The Poetry Circus Fundraiser: Day 5

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Day 5 Update

Day 5 of The Poetry Circus Fundraiser and the swirl of it continues to gain momentum! Thank you to all who have given so we all might receive a circus!

Those of you who are considering donating to this project, today might be THE day. Anyone who gives today, I will mail you five golden rings (ok, maybe not gold--but rings with poem-cards attached!) You can wear, share, and eat your favorite poems!

Please donate here:

What is The Poetry Circus:

The Poetry Circus was inspired by the release of the collection, In the Circus of You published by Rose Metal Press . The Poetry Circus is part workshop, community outreach, performance, ride, dance, and creations. This community focused and driven event blurs the line between performer and audience to allow everyone the chance to run away and join the circus.

By presenting poetry in an alternative venue, the egalitarian characteristics of poetry are amplified. Poetry IS for everyone, regardless of where we come from or how we got there; we all process and understand the world through metaphor.

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