Gingko Newsletter

Week of January 11, 2016

Reminder: School Closed Monday, January 18th

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Hello Gingko Families!

This week we…

Spent lots of time talking about patterns, creating patterns, and looking at different types of patterns. We created patterns with pattern blocks and with markers on sentence strips. We talked about things we noticed about patterns; they have more than one part and they repeat over and over. We looked at arrangements that were patterns and arrangements that were not patterns and we sorted them.

Learned the Sound in Motion for “l” and wrote our “l” book.

Went book shopping with Marissa!

Saved our Lego structures and added to them each day during exploration.

Played together in Fort Greene Park. Our time at the park is always special. Children often choose to play in big groups. They work together to dig up rocks, search for worms, or play tag.

Drew and labeled pictures of our families in preparation for our family study. We then talked with a teacher individually about who we drew and what makes our families special.


Spent time talking about how to create strong and sturdy buildings in the block area.

Talked about words that rhyme. We noticed that rhyming words have the same ending sounds. We played rhyming games and sorted words by their ending sounds.

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A couple of reminders…

Please continue to help your child remember to bring their book baggies to school each day. We will read books from our baggies during Guided Reading and will go book shopping once each week.

We will continue to visit the playground most days. As the weather gets colder, please keep this in mind when helping your child get ready for school. Hats, gloves, and scarves will help keep kids warm and happy when we play outside. Sweatpants or snowpants can be stored in cubbies and layered over leggings or pants. We’ll make sure children have a chance to put on all of their outside clothes before we head out. On Fridays, we hope to continue visiting Fort Greene Park. The Gingkoes love to dig and play in the dirt. Clothes will probably get messy on these days so please send your child in easily washable clothing.

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Some conversation starters and activities for this week…

Play rhyming games!

Choose a word and come up with as many words as you can that rhyme with that word...

Write a list of rhyming words...

Sing songs with words that rhyme...

Look for patterns! We looked for patterns on our way back from Fort Greene Park on Friday. Continue looking for patterns at home or outside!

How are reading groups going? What do you do when you work in reading groups?

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