American cities

We want to take a trip to the United States during the vacation. But we don't have enough money T.T . So, we have researched several cities in the United States ~ !!!


Located in the southeastern part of the U.S. state of Florida in Miami, the center of transportation and commerce research.

* Why you want to go there?

-These days, Korean Climate is being in cold. By the way, Miami climate is subtropical. Miami of Subtropical climate is the best resort. So, we want to go to the Miami..!!

* What you will do?

- We ride a yacht on the beach and will be yacht race. Or, we will be fishing. we will see the glow on the port.

Second, Texas san Antonio

Texas is in the area of ​​south-central United States. Texas 48 state of a continent is the largest of the state.

*Why you want to go there?

-First, Lockhart is the capital of the barbecue. I can eat a lot of barbecue.

Second, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is famous for. Hardgore Movie Mania, so I want to go.

* What you will do?

- We will be going to Lake Travis. Because, there are famous Texas Chainsaw Massacre. And the ghost comes out. Last, we will whatch the baseball match. Texas is known as base ball so we want to watch the texas's baseball game.

Last, California Sanfancisco

Finally, we want to go to San Francisco, California.

* Why you want to go there?

-Sanfancisco is America's romantic dreams cityBoasts a stunning harbor views and is famous sloping road. So, we want to go to the Sanfrancisco.

* What you will do?

- As a romantic city, we will enjoy cultural pleasures . And we wii drink some alcohol. Because San Francisco is famous for the alcohol. Last, we want to see Korean major leaguer CHOO. Because him team is Sanfrancisco!!!!

샌프란시스코(San Franscisco for Koreans)