The Land of the Girrafe Kings

Serengeti Plain

The Serengeti plain is located in north central Africa. This plain has altitudes from 3-6 thousand feet above sea level.Also this place contains the most grassy areas in central Africa.
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Atlantic Ocean

The Atlantic is the second largest ocean in the world. The Atlantic is connected with the Pacific Ocean through drakes passage and is als connected with the Greenland sea.

The Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Guinea are two types f the main principle arms in the Atlantic Ocean


Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean.It is also separated from Africa's east coast.

Madagascar is also the fourth largest island in the world.Lastly the economy in Madagascar is mostly agriculture.


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The Red Sea

The Red Sea is a sea (obviously) that sits between Africa and e Arabian peninsula.The gulf of Aqaba and the gulf of suez are the seas northern arms.Between those two

Gulf is the Sinai peninsula the Red Sea is located naked with the Indian Ocean through the gulf of Aden. Also the water tempraures can reach 85 degrees ferinheit in the summer because it's surrounded excessively hot and dry desert steppes.