The Roman Empire

By: Elijah Cox


I chose to study The Roman Empire. I studied six topics, and narrowed it down to three. The first topic I chose was The struggle between rich and poor. I wrote about Winning World Mastery for my second topic. Last I studied the Decline an Fall of The Roman Empire. I hope you enjoy!

The struggle between rich and poor

The struggle between the to classes started when there was a struggle for political power. After awhile the rich started buying land to monopolize the pasture. After this happened people ran out of money so they had to borrow money from the rich. When people couldn't pay them back they became slaves. Finally reforms to the government came which revised debt laws. The last law was the you can only own 300 acres.

Winning world mastery

Rome had conquered many cities. The prisoners from war became slaves. Guards were set at each province Rome conquered, and were ready to use force if necessary. The rich people taxed people so they became even richer. The effect of the taxes was poverty and many were on the street.

The Decline and Fall

From 190-284 there were 27 rulers. Ruler Dictolatan fixed the unstable government at the time. Theoduis followed Dictolatan and was the last ruler over unified Rome. When Theoduis died Rome split into east and west Rome. West Rome became weak from frequent Barbarian attacks. Finally The Roman Empire ended.


This is what I learned while studying The Roman Empire. I found out a lot of different things I didn't know before. One thing I found that I didn't know was that Rome later split into West and East. I hope you learned a few things too! Thank you!


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