Latin American Music Reflection

Music 4 Posted Lesson

NO VoiceThread this week!

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This week, you will be reviewing our Latin American Music VoiceThreads, answering 4 questions, and then posting on our padlet.

If you are unfamiliar with padlet, do not worry! I will give a demonstration during Virtual Lesson this week :)
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Answer these questions in 1 post on padlet:

You may post in any format you like :)

  1. What was your favorite activity and why?
  2. What was your least favorite activity and why?
  3. Is there something else you think we should have covered?
  4. Can you find a song from one of our VoiceThreads that you would like to learn on the recorder?

You may use our previous lessons to help you answer the questions by clicking on the buttons below.

After you have contributed to our padlet, type "lesson complete" in the online text box in Moodle.

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There are 4 weeks worth of Posted Lessons included in this grade for a total of 80 points.

  • Latin American Music Introduction = 20 points
  • Latin American Music Part 1 = 20 points
  • Latin American Music Part 2 = 20 points

Your grade for each VoiceThread is based on your participation. You should have made at least 2 comments on each lesson.

  • Latin American Music Reflection = 20 points

Your grade for this lesson is based on your post that you made on padlet.

Outstanding - Student answered all 4 questions = 20 points

Satisfactory - Student answered 3 questions = 17 points

Progressing - Student answered 2 questions = 14 points

Needs Improvement - Student answered 1 question or did not complete the assignment = 11 or 0 points

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me.