New Year's Eve Biz Party

Help Plan Guinness World Record Attempt / Launch Afterparty

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Partner With On Its One Million Woman Link Up Launch Event & Jump Start Your 2015 Marketing

  • Are you giving a local, national or international women’s business event in 2015?
  • Are you launching a women’s business organization?
  • Are you interested in adding more female members to your online or offline networking group?
  • Are you putting together a special trip for business women?
  • Are you prepping for a coaching program targeting business women?
  • Are you getting ready to release a book?
  • Are your salesrevenue reliant upon women purchasing from you?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, would like to invite you to partner to help organize the online afterparty for its New Year's Eve Guinness World Record attempt for "most people attending a business speed networking event" multiple venues and official launch of its One Million Woman Link Up. There are numerous committees for you to select from.

What is the One Million Woman Link Up? It's a movement to help 1,000,000 women monetize their LinkedIn membership so they can sell out their events, coaching hours, books, products and more by cross pollinating their LinkedIn connections.

Our first goal is 10,000 women by Jan. 31, 2014. With your help, we can accomplish that goal while you market your business to the guests.

The event will spark the launch of ...

  • 148 women's news sites to showcase the participants and document the One Million Woman Link Up
  • 1,000,000 LinkedIn Company Pages (NOT the same as LinkedIn member profile)
  • LinkedIn networking series in 2015 to help business people grow their female client base

Participants will spend December 31, 2014 networking; getting interviewed by a podcasters, magazines, and newspapers; and forming collaborative business relationships to kick off 2015. They have the opportunity to put together a networking team and compete for prizes.

The registration fee is only $20 and includes involvement in the One Million Woman Link Up. Networking activities will take place during the day so everyone can attend their evening New Year's Eve parties. Networking will resume on Jan. 1.

What We're Looking For In A Business Partner

  • Outgoing and loves to network
  • Ready to pick up the phone and call their top business associates to get involved
  • Able to work solo as well as in a group
  • "Plays" well with others -- no egos allowed
  • Ready to hit the ground running
  • Has a large mailing list or LinkedIn connections comprised mainly of women. If not, savvy enough to grab business associates who do and entice them to send info to their contacts.
  • Willing to reach out to business organizations (chambers of commerce, networking groups, Meet Up groups, associations, Shop Local groups, etc.) both online and offline to invite them to get involved
  • Willing to seed the FB, LinkedIn, G+, Meet Up groups and all of the other online groups they are a member of with information about the 2014 One Million Woman Link Up
  • Willing to post Craigslist ads for their area about the event
  • Willing to post event listings in the local online and print newspapers for their area
  • Willing to apply their special expertise to market the event -- How would you market an event like the 2014 One Million Woman Link Up?
  • Strong business morals
  • Creative enough to realize their web host, mobile marketing company, tax person, etc., are viable participants for the One Million Woman Link Up -- Anyone in your everyday business life who has access to groups of women and men who sell to women should be invited to take part.

Partners Are Expected To Immediately REGISTER For The One Million Woman Link Up

How can you encourage your associates to participate in the One Million Woman Link Up and its New Year's Eve event if you haven't taken the time to register? Select from the $20, $35, $50, $150 or $200 (limited #) levels by clicking here right after you fill out the partner form.

Attain VIP Status: Partners who bring value to the event by helping with its guest list will be ...

  • moved to the top of the list for interviews
  • receive complimentary advertising on
  • and introductions to the participants so they can step out from the crowd.
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Networking Event Will Be The After Party For's Guinness World Record Attempt is partnering with women's business organizations, chambers of commerce, etc., to beat the Guinness World Record for "most people attending a business speed networking event". The current record is 475 participants at an event organised by the Australian Institute of Management Queensland (Australia) at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino, in Cairns, Queensland, Australia, on 17 October 2013.

To beat the record, we have to give 5 simultaneous speed networking events with a minimum of 357 people in attendance. After the live events, we will convene online for the virtual networking portion of our New Year's Eve event and bring the speed networking participants with us to network.

Are You A Part Of The Media?

Anyone who publishes a business blog, writes for a business column for a magazine, produces a business TV show, publishes a magazine or newspaper that has a business section or is a business podcaster should contact for special instructions.

Current Planning Committees

  • PR Committee - Committee members will work together to pull the online and offline media into the New Year's Eve event to cover before and after.
  • Business Connections Committee - Committee members will work together to build alliances with virtual and in-person groups to build up the guest list for the New Year's Eve event.
  • Virtual Business Card Exchange Committee - Committee members will create a plan of action for the New Year's Eve centerpiece event to ensure it flows properly.
  • Swag Bag Committee - Committee members will gather dynamic virtual products and services for inclusion in the virtual Swag Bag given to participants on New Year's Eve. They will collaborate with the Welcome Committee on a plan of action to ensure everyone receives their Swag Bag.
  • Welcome Committee - Committee members will assist with putting together a plan of action to handle registration on the day of the New Year's Eve event and document the guest list so we provide Guinness World Records with the proof they need for validation.
  • Social Media Committee - Committee members will assist with building a buzz on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, G+, Pinterest, MeetUp, etc.
  • Event Planning Committee - Committee members will assist with putting together the overall concept for the New Year's Eve networking event.
  • Exit Committee - Committee members will process participants as they sign off from the event to ensure they took advantage of all the activities and point them in the right direction to stay active in 2015.

2014 One Million Woman Link Up New Year's Eve Networking Event

Wednesday, Dec. 31st, 3-8pm

This is an online event.

The event will take place on LinkedIn. Networking will resume the next day from Noon to 10 PM Eastern. The partner sign up form is available here. Contact if you have questions.

About is a business site that facilitates collaborative business relationships between business and professional women who want to share the cost and time of marketing to grow their female client base.

It creates large scale collaborative projects designed to help business and professional women cross pollinate their knowledge and contacts so they can grow their female client base in Atlanta, Paris, Sydney and every other major city around the globe using the local resources already in place.