CTS Snapshot


Welcome to our CTS Snapshot - a weekly celebration update. We are delighted to share with parents and carers alike student triumphs at Corby Technical School. We are proud of every student and every success they have - please feel free to share with us any achievements they might have.

Snapshot News:

Pictured below is a selection of the fantastic Art work completed by our talented students.

Anti-Bullying Week

This week is anti-bullying week and in support of this students made pledges for this school year. Students also wore odd socks today. Pictured below is a pledge from one of our Year 9 students.
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Mrs Cook has nominated Year 11 students Ana, Shay and Sonny T for excellent written exam work.

Mrs Gonzalez-Villamil Lean has nominated Year 7 student Ayren for her increasing engagement and willingness to participate in Spanish lessons. Year 10 student Phillip for his commitment to achieve in the written assessment and Year 8 student Miranda for her sustained focus, commitment and energy in all Spanish lessons.

Miss Graziano has nominated Year 10 students Jayme S, Holly L, Grace, Jasmine and Lexi for their incredible pieces of Spanish writing.

DT and Art:

Mrs Firmin has nominated Year 7 student Daniel H for a fantastic effort at ‘Acting his Age’ for Children in Need, 8CA for super effort on their rendering skills in DT, the students of 7TA who have already made a great contribution to the food bank and finally Year 9 DT students for their efforts in DT, especially Neave and Amie-Leigh who have both made fantastically detailed notes


Mr Godfrey has nominated Year 7 student Dominik A for excellent Science homework and Year 10 student Samuel M for his creative approach to remembering Physics equations.

Miss Coulson has nominated her Year 8 Scientists for some incredible creative stories about the bonding in Iron Sulphide which were incredibly informative as well as humorous!

Miss Toom has nominated her Year 7 groups for their excellent graphing skills in Physics.


Mrs Ferns would like to say well done to Year 8 students Alfie and Marian for achieving100% on their ‘Find the Gap’. Also nominated are 7A1 for their excellent effort and attitude on the Algebra topic.

Mr Horne has nominated Year 8 student Urszula and Antoni for fabulous equation solving skills in Maths.


Mr Strumpher has nominated Geographers in 8CO and 8ST for creating outstanding Geography Proposals. They had to create a proposal to build a hotel/water park etc. near a coastal area like Hunstanton. So they had then to write a letter/speech/presentation to the local council or government for approval of their idea. Also nominated are the Year 10E and 10C Geographers who were really engaged with their learning this week. They did really good with the practice exam questions that were given to them.

Mrs Vaghadia has nominated Year 7 student Kirat for her hard work and commitment to RSCS and Year 9 students Floreen and Victoria for their amazing designs for this week’s anti bullying pledges during form time.


Miss Jenkins and Miss Patrick would like to celebrate 7SW. Their compositions in body percussion were excellent this week. They asked some fascinating questions, and Kinga was lesson star, having deduced the meaning of musical canon.


Mrs Brown would like to say well done to Year 11 students Sam C, Dagmara G, Klaudia M, Carmen C, Mya F, Sonny T, Lily T, and Yasmin U excellent Romeo and Juliet essays and to 12A for working hard on the Anti-Bullying Week work we have been discussing in tutor time. Mrs Brown has also nominated Year 8 students Max H, Rene, Rhys G, Jojo, Kacper, Mya O and Nicolas for excellent work this week on The Tempest and Year 10 students Mya F, Gabby, Brady, Jude and Lacy for clear progress in English intervention.

Miss Hallybone has nominated her Year 9 Drama students for excellent work and enthusiasm over the last few weeks.

Miss Magnay has nominated her Year 8 English class for their fantastic focus and effort during their analytical writing task and also their brilliant enthusiasm towards studying The Tempest.


Mr Rogers would like to say well done to Year 7 students Logan R, Kirat and Dougan for their excellent communication and teamwork skills in PE, Year 10 students Emily, Beth S and Darcey for their resilience and hard work in Badminton, Year 11 Sport Scientists for their hard work and dedication and also Year 9 students Kent, Lily and Ella C for their hard work in DT.

Year 7 Food Technology

Year 7 Student Ava M created this amazing home made pizza for her Food Technology homework, well done Ava!
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Children in Need 2020

We raised an amazing £764.53 for Children in Need this year, well done to everyone!
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Celebration Events 2020

This year we are doing the celebration awards a little differently as they will be awarded to students during the school day next week, we will share with parents/carers through photographs and letters to recipients. The events will take place on the following dates and are awarded retrospectively:

Year 7 (current Year 8) - Tuesday 24th November

Year 8 (current Year 9) - Wednesday 25th November

Year 9 (current Year 10) - Monday 23rd November

Year 10 (current Year 11) - Thursday 26th November


  • Please ensure all students have face masks for use at school.