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Week 26 in Kindergarten

Welcome back from Spring Break!

I hope everyone enjoyed Spring Break! I did lots of relaxing and playing at the park with my children. Hopefully this nice weather is here to stay.

Sight Words

This week's sight words are when, were, how and came.


We will be writing about one of our five senses each day. We will still be writing a paragraph with a main idea sentence and 3 detail sentences. Some writing groups are working on making the first letter capital and the rest lowercase. Other groups are still working on spaces between words.


We will be reading about our five senses. We are working on predicting in texts and still making connections.


We will review the digraphs sh, ch, and th.


We will finish up Topic 9 on adding up to 10. The online test at pearsonrealize should be assigned this afternoon if you want to practice at home with your child.