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Hello From ACMA - August 2022

Message from Principal Paige

Welcome to ACMA Fall 2022

Save The Date: September 1st

At ACMA, we have our Back-To-School Night BEFORE school starts. On Thursday, September 1st, parents and students are invited to follow their new class schedule, meet their teachers and see where their classrooms are located. It's a fun evening! We will have more information out to you next week.

ACMA Day - Monday, August 22nd

On Monday, August 22nd, is our yearly ACMA DAY. We will be open from 7:30am through 4:00pm for you and your student to drop in anytime.

School's just around the corner, and ACMA Day is the day to get the details your student will need to begin the school year.

  • Parking is available on the east side of the school building or behind the Performing Arts Center. Look for a friendly face to greet you at the entrance of the Performing Arts Center.
  • Got Books? Bring back any library or classroom books.
  • Counselors will help to check you in.
  • Confirmation will be made that you have completed the Online-Verification through ParentVue. If not, Chromebooks will be available to finish the document.
  • Fees will be collected or payment arrangements can be made. You can also pay for a yearbook for the upcoming school year.
  • Final schedules will not be available, but we will have a list of classes. Final schedules will be available on StudentVue and ParentVue starting Aug 29th.
  • Visit the PTO table to find out how to volunteer and become a part of the ACMA community.
  • Take a school & yearbook photo and receive your student ID card. See our message below about your yearbook or silly photo.
  • Sorry, a full tour will not be available on ACMA Day.

You may arrive any time between 7:30am & 4:00pm. Depending on the time of day, all of these tasks should be completed in approximately 30-45 mins.

Can't make it on August 22nd? No worries. Picture retake day is October 10th. Other business can be taken care of in the Main Office after the start of school.

Pre-Order Your School Pictures

Pre-pay online ordering! CLICK HERE
Paque por su orden en línea.

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What Should I Wear For Silly Photos?

Anything you like....well almost. You can be crazy, goofy and outrageous! Bring your own props to wear and make it fun!

Online Verification is OPEN!

This process will need to be completed before student arrive for ACMA Day on Aug 22nd. If you need assistance, computers and staff will be available on ACMA Day to help with this process. LOG INTO PARENTVUE HERE.

A parent/guardian with custody rights can verify and change student enrollment information from the parent's/guardian's ParentVUE account. On the BSD Online verification page, you can access valuable information to complete this required, annual process. CLICK HERE

Why Verify?

Before the beginning of every school year, we request that parents/guardians begin to review and/or update their family and student information. ​Keeping your family's information up to date is crucial to receiving timely communication from Beaverton School District and ensures that you can be contacted in case of emergency. These updates can be done online through your ParentVUE account.

Online Verification Video

Why Do We Have Fees?

To do their best, students need access to the unique materials and equipment of the artistic disciplines that interest them. The fees are specific to the elective courses your student is taking. For dance... costume, music, choreography rights and more are needed for student daily training & performances. They are used to address specialized program expenses that exceed the resources the school receives from the Beaverton School District. A $25 student body fee is also charged to each student. The fee, like other high schools, help support special events and assemblies, student body cards. Also, each student will receive an ACMA t-shirt in September!

Fees will be placed on student accounts by August 19th and can be paid online through the BSD Online Payment System. CLICK HERE.

To be considered for a full or partial waiver of fees, please apply for Meal Benefits from Nutrition Services and agree to share on the application. 2022-23 Meal Benefits applications are available through www.schoolcafe.com .

Device Coverage

BSD provides Damage and Loss Protection Coverage for a fee of $20, or maximum fee of $60 per family, per school year. This program protects families in situations where the student’s device is damaged, lost or stolen. The $20 fee, to participate in the program, is waived for CEP Designated Schools and families who qualify for the free or reduced meal benefits program and have completed the Permission to Share portion of the Meal Benefits Application.

Students using BSD district-owned devices may choose to decline the “Damage and Loss Protection Program”. However, this is not recommended because the family is assuming full responsibility for any costs due to damage, loss or theft. These costs could be as much as $300 per incident, regardless of how it occurs.

The enrollment period for Damage Loss Protection Program coverage is no later than 60 days after the student begins school or has been issued a district-owned device. Fee payment is required prior to any damage or loss claims.

Parents indicate whether the student will be using a district device as well as whether they're choosing to have coverage from the Damage and Loss Protection Program during the Online Verification process that they are required to complete in ParentVue each fall.

Class Schedules - Available Online Aug 29th

The District will make available all class schedules starting on August 29th. You will find your class schedule in StudentVue and/or ParentVue.

When Is Your First Day of School?

  • The first day of school for students in grade 6 and all "new to ACMA" is Tuesday September 6, 2022.

  • The first day of school for ALL students is Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

School Supply List

For a copy of ACMA's school supply list CLICK HERE or download the list below. If you have any questions about supplies, it is best to speak to the teacher on Back to School Night or the first week of school.

Do You Ride The Bus To School? Here Is What You Need To Know

Read more about BSD Transportation Services HERE.

Routing for the 2022-2023 school year is currently in progress. Parents and Guardians will be notified by email when routing information is available for viewing (late August).

Transportation services are provided to students attending a Beaverton School District Options Program. These programs utilize a "shuttle model", where students may walk or ride a bus to a transfer point located at a BSD school, then transfer to another bus which will take them to their home bus stop.

In the morning, this transfer school will be the Options school closest to their residence.

In the afternoon, students will be bused to the closest High School to their residence. Students who reside more than 1.5 miles from that high school will transfer to a high school route bus and be bused to the nearest bus stop to their residence. There is no bus service for students who reside less than 1.5 miles from the high school.

Students eligible for Transportation Service will be assigned a bus route and a bus stop. The Beaverton School District allows parents to view student bus route information through the E-Link Application. Routing Data is updated every Saturday at 3:30 AM. Changes to routing data are effective the following Monday.

To Log in:

User Name: Enter your student's 6-digit ID number

Password: Enter your student's birthdate in the format mmddyyyy - For example, enter 05052003 for a birthdate of May 5th, 2003

Click HERE for the E-Link Application

If the Transportation Field is blank, it means your student either is not eligible for Transportation or Transportation has not been set up for the student. To learn more about Transportation eligibility, please review our Service Standards.

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Applying for Meal Benefits:

Families can apply for Free and Reduced Price Meals ONLINE! The process is SAFE, SECURE, PRIVATE, and available through SchoolCafe.com.

All students who qualify for free or reduced price meals receive breakfast and lunch meals free of charge.

Please contact our Meal Benefits Coordinator, Laurie Bishop, at 503-356-3957 or email: NS-MealBenefits@beaverton.k12.or.us, if you have questions or need additional assistance.

We encourage all eligible families to submit a new application for free and reduced price meals prior to the start of each new school year. This allows the application to be processed and the correct eligibility established before school starts. Families have the ability to fill out the Free and Reduced Price Meal Application online at www.schoolcafe.com. Copies of applications will also be available at every school office.

Mail completed applications to:

Nutrition Services Department 10740 NE Walker Rd Entrance D1 Hillsboro, OR 97006

Applications can also be emailed to NS-MealBenefits@beaverton.k12.or.us.

Those who qualify for Free or Reduced Meals may receive help with schools fees. Make sure to mark "Yes, share information". See example below.
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Will your student be driving to school?

Parking passes will be available at no cost for students driving their personal vehicles to school.

Registration is required CLICK HERE. Once registered, parking passes can be picked up in the Counseling Center starting on the first day of school. Student parking is located on the EAST side of the school building (church side). Parking is not allowed behind the school due to staff parking and school bus pickup and drop off.

ACMA Locker Survey

In ACMA’s 30 year history students have only had lockers for part of one year (when we were in our temporary home at Tumwater Middle School in the fall of 2019). This year, as we settle into our new campus (for a year a little less impacted by pandemic restrictions) we are developing a plan to use the lockers we have in our new building. Students are NOT required to have a locker.

Our first step will be to determine interest in using school lockers. Depending on the total number of students who express interest in using a school locker we will determine the best way to allow the greatest number of students to use lockers.

To complete the survey, use your BSD student email.

CLICK HERE for the Locker Survey

Special Announcement to Sixth Graders - Outdoor School Coming October 4th-7th

We have exciting news that all 6th graders will be going to Outdoor School this fall. All 6th graders in the District are assigned a week and location. Here is what we know so far:

Students are bused with ACMA staff members to Camp Magruder on the Oregon Coast. They will leave on Tuesday, Oct 4th and return on Friday, Oct 7th. CLICK HERE for more information on the Oregon program. At the start of school year, we will have all the required paperwork to send home with your student. Stay tuned.

Northwest Outdoor Science School is a multi-day, overnight experience for elementary and middle school students.The program is operated by the Northwest Regional Education Service District. Participants in the program live in, and learn about, the natural world at one of our five beautiful sites in northwest Oregon.

Each site has 10-12 staff members who work closely not just with the middle school students but also with our student leaders, most of whom are high school and college students.

Students learn in the outdoors while participating in hands-on, interactive and experiential activities that are taught mostly in small groups. Our fun field study activities are designed to teach students about nature while actually being in nature, which promotes a curiosity about, and appreciation for, the natural world.

Students build community at outdoor school through participation in meal times, campfire programs and activities with their cabin groups such as duties, games, team-builders, skits and songs.

So many opportunities...

Throughout the school year there are numerous opportunities to volunteer at ACMA:

  • ACMA Day
  • Dance Recitals
  • Music Concerts
  • PTO's "The Spectacular"
  • School Dances
  • Theater Productions
  • Graduation
  • Field Trips

and many, many more. If you have not registered to be a volunteer at ACMA, click the link below to get started. Do not wait!

You may already be signed up, if you have volunteered at your students previous school. You will still need to add ACMA to your profile. Email margaret_fitzgerald@beaverton.k12.or.us to make this addition.


School Office Hours 2022-2023

Our office hours are 7:30am - 3:00pm, Monday thru Friday, starting Aug 22nd. Please enter through the front doors of the school and press the button- to the left of the Main Office door. Maria will be happy to buzz you in once you have identified yourself and how we can help you.

2022 2023 Beaverton School District Calendar

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ACMA A/B Day Calendar

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