Ellie O'neal

Government + Foreign policy

Government- Italy was a monarchy from its unification in the second half of the 19th century until 1946, when it became a parliamentary republic following a national referendum. On first January 1948. it adopted a constitutional charter, which defines the political and civil liberties of the citizens and the principles of government. Italy is headed by a president who appoints a Prime Minister, the elected head of Government. The seat of government is rome, where the president resides in the Palazzo del Quirinale, the chamber of deputies sits in the Palazzo Montecitorio and the senate occupies the Palazzo Madama. Sergio Mattarella is the current leader of italy

Foreign policy- Italy's foreign policy under Benito Mussolini had to be robust to show to show the world how powerful Italy was under his leadership. As leader of Italy, Mussolini wanted to re-establish the greatness of the Roman Empire. Mussolini believed that conquered Foreign was the sign of a great nation and a great power hence the rationale behind the invasion of Abyssinia.


economy- the currency of Italy is called a Euro.

1 us dollar equals 0.91 euros

italy's top imports and exports are engineering products, textiles, clothing, production machinery, motor vehicles, transport equipment, chemicals, food, beverages.

35,925.88 usd (2013) Italy GDP per capita

Social + Ethnic group

italian (includes small clusters of German, French, and slovene Italian in the north and Albanian and greek, italians in the south.

Education in Italy is compulsory from six to sixteen years of age, and is divided into five stages. first stage is kindergarten, second stage is primary school, third stage is lower secondary school, fourth stage is upper secondary school, the last stage is university

geography + travel

Location- Southern Europe, bordering Austria 430 km, France 488 km, Holy See (Vatican City) 3.2 km, San Marino 39 km, Slovenia 232 km, Switzerland 740 km. the coordinates are 42.0 degrees North and 12.5 degrees East

Place- italy is located south of europe and comprises the long, boot-shaped italian peninsula, the southern side of alps, the large plain of the Po Valley and some islands including Sicily and Sardinia. Corsica, although belonging to the italian geographical region, has been part of France since 1769.

Travel-Genaraly only 4 people are allowed in 1 taxi. Most Italians get around by using boats, taxis and sometimes bikes.

Religion, Language + Country Flag

Italy is a Christian country

People from italy speak Italian that is their main language, but people can speak many other languages too.

the italian flag is red, green and white these colors consist of their history.

Traditional holidays + food

Capodanno, Befana, Carnevale, Pasqua and Christmas are all Italian holidays.

spaghetti bolognese and chocolate crepes are 2 of the most common foods in italy, pizza of any sort is also a very popular food there.


201 inhabitants per square kilometre.

35,540 ppp dollars (2013)

the main language is italian

their religion is christian

Italian, German, French and Greek are the ethnicities