Ashlyn Barton

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

Who am I

Where am I going?

My Career As A Preventive Medicine Physician

A preventive medicine physician is a person that would try and prevent people from getting hurt and would try nad decrease the raye of people getting diseases. This job has a bright out look with a salary of $187,200, annually. This job is in the Health Science cluster. The job is basically twenty-four/ seven. In the work enviroment I would have to be ready to expect anything and would work on a team. Something interesting about this job is that I have to think of new ways to treat patients.

How do I get there

To get to this I may go to Brown University. Brown University is located in Providence, Rhode Island. I would like to go to college her because they have well rewarding english programs and was the highly ranked school for Warren Alpert Medical School. I know it is very far from Greenwood, Arkansas, but I think its good to go and explore a place you have never been. I mean it would be great to show your family that you are a grown up and can do amazing things. For the carreer of my choosing I would need a Doctorate degree. The tution for this college is 45,612 dollars per year. A scholorship that I hope to require is a National Institute of Health under graduate scholorship program or the SAT.