Mountain States

Where Beauty Begins By: William Sutton


The six main Mountain states are Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. The Mountain states are located in the Northwest and Southwest area of the United States which is in the North American Continent.

Physical and Human characteristics

This region of the United States has some of the highest mountain peaks. It also has vast amount of desert lands and rolling plains in the eastern part of the region. This region also contains all of the major desert's in North America. Some of the famous mountains in this region Pikes Peak, Blanca Peak, and Longs Peak. The climate in this region is one of the most diverse climates in the United States. The Higher the elevation the more moisture you get such as, snow and rain. The higher states such as Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming receive extremely large amounts of snow and rain.

Where beauty begins

Human environment interaction

People have gone through mountains to build roads, chopped down forests, built houses, and used grasslands for agricultural life. Some of these interactions have damaged the natural environment, and some have not.


The whole Northern and Southernwest states US all have common physical and human characteristics. They all have similiar cultural characteristics do to mountains, plains, and desert's.

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