The story about an unwanted daughter by Adeline Yen Mah.

Chinese Cinderella

This story is about an unwanted daughter that no one appreciated and loved as their family member. This Chinese Cinderella has had such a hard life, but in this book she figures it all out and ends up loving the family that she has!

The Exposition

The exposition in this book is at the beginning of World War ll when Adeline is three or four years old. She begins this story when she was asking her aunt some questions about her mother who passed away from a fever when Adeline was only two weeks old. She then found a picture of her mom and aunt before she died. Her aunt loves her so much and treats her like her own child. Adeline's aunt helps to lift her spirits up when she is down. Her family blames her for making her mother die and in chinese terms that means you are shamed.

The Rising Action

In this book there are many rising actions: Adeline's family, specifically her siblings, treat her very rude and act like she has done something wrong in their life to make them so mad at her. Adeline's father allows Niang, their step mother, to rule over them and treat them the same way their father treats them. Adeline gets abused not only emotionally but physically as well. But then later in the story all of the children get ducks before Adeline and Adeline is stuck with the weak one and names her PLT. Adeline and PLT are the best of friends until the brothers chose her duckling for the dog to eat instead of any other ones. The dog then makes big wound on the duckling. The next day, Adeline woke up and not only did she notice that her best friend was gone, but that PLT was the only one who actually cared about her. One day when Adeline was elected class president, her friends decided to go to her house and surprise her. After her friends left, Adeline was then whipped and slapped in the face by her stepmother and her father because her friends came to her house without her parents' permission. Her parents said that she is a disgrace to the family and Adeline was removed from the house.

The Climax

The climax takes place when Adeline is sent to a Catholic boarding school in Hong Kong. She was sent to a boarding school where all the Communists live and come and take people to jail. While she is at the boarding school, she was directed to only speak French and English. Adeline spoke neither language. While she is there, she sends numerous amounts of letters to her family and never gets anything back. She then is the only one left because everyone else's parents came to rescue them from the Communist.

The Falling Action

The falling action of the book is when Niang's sister goes to rescue Adeline from the boarding school. After she was rescued from the school, Adeline was introduced to her extended family members. Meeting her extended family made her feel like she belonged and was loved. This is the first time Adeline had experienced this kind of feeling.

The Resolution

At the end of the book Adeline enters a writing contest to win fifty United States dollars. She ends up winning the contest and her father finally pays attention to her and gains respect for her. He allows her to go to London for college to become a doctor with her brothers.