BY:Ellie Wiesel

What is Night about?

This is a book I would recommend to people who want the realistic nature of human beings. This book is about one of the most horrific events to ever occur in human history. If you know what the holocaust is, this is what that book is about.
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is Elie Wiesel's masterpiece, a candid, horrific, and deeply poignant autobiography about his survival as a teenager in the Nazi death camps. In this story he is transported from his home to a concentration camp called, Auschwitz where he will spend many brutal days fighting for survival. Throughout the story, he talks about all of the challenges he had and talks about life in the camps. In the story, he lives through all of the conflicts and lives in the concentration camps with his father. He also tells this story in 1st person and it's a non-fiction book so he's the main character.

Ellie Wiesel

Ellie Wiesel is a survivor of the holocaust and lives to tell the nightmares of it in his book "Night". Ellie Wiesel is the main character in the story so he exploits a lot of his emotions throughout the novel, and takes you into deep detail of the tragedies in the camps. In this event, he loses his entire family, all of his belongings, and his will to do anything, but he miraculously survives.

Quote from the Book

"To forget the dead would be akin killing them a second time."
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Quoted Review

“A slim volume of terrifying power.” ―The New York Times

“Required reading for all of humanity.” ―Oprah

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