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Principal Beth N. Choquette, Bridge Street School

Bridge Street School

2 Parsons Street

Northampton, Massachusetts 01060

413-587-1460 (phone) 413-587-1484 (fax)

Beth N. Choquette, Principal

Elizabeth Peterson, Administrative Assistant

Nicole Soutra, Senior Clerk

Nora DeJasu, Head Teacher

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A Message From Principal Choquette

Good afternoon. I'd like to start by wishing our moms and special people who are like a mother to so many, a very happy Mother's Day. I hope that you are able to enjoy some time celebrating you and all that you do for your families.

As remote learning becomes continues and as our kids are spending more time on technology, the only social interactions with their peers they are having is via online and in video games. I know that this is a great time for them to connect with each other and have a sense of community. It is so important for them to socialize, even if it is remotely. If we were in school, we would be talking about bullying, expectations during play, internet safety and cyberbullying with our kids but unfortunately we can't do that in person at this time. So, as a friendly reminder to our parents and caregivers, talking to your students about internet safety and cyberbullying is really important. Sharing with them the dangers of the internet as well as the benefits, and also how we treat each other online is important for them to understand. It is the same as if we were playing on the playground. We include everyone, we use appropriate language, we don't make fun of people or call people names. These are all things we talk about every day on the playground and it is equally important to talk about the same expectations when using the internet or playing video games with peers. All of our kids have the right to feel safe in school, out of school, and online. If your children experience inappropriate behavior, if they feel unsafe, or if they feel they are being cyber bullied in any way, I ask that you please let me know right away. I think of the school and home as a team, helping to support our kids together. Thank you for all that you are doing not only during this unsettling time and through all the hardships, but all of the time. I appreciate all of you and your support.

This week we celebrated Teacher Appreciation and National School Nurses Day remotely. It was hard to be away from the staff during a week where we typically celebrate and honor our teachers and nurse in person. I hope they all know how appreciated and loved they are. If you did not get a chance to see the video the Leadership Team put together for the teachers of NPS, please take a look. Just promise you won't laugh at my attempt at being a "rockstar."

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!


Keep Sending Those Pictures!

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Parenting Support Programs

Please take a look at the brochures below on some parenting support programs being offered through the NPS CPPI grant. The programs are ideal for parents/caregivers of children ages 3 through 9.

Fifth Grade News

Reminder to all fifth grade families to start gathering 10 photos of your fifth grader from baby pictures up to now. The photos will be used for the slide show during our promotion ceremony. Hope to see you all at Monday's meeting. Here is the zoom link for the meeting.

Monday, May 11th 4:00-5:00 p.m.

Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 996 2681 0167 Password: 060350

Transition to JFK:

Students on IEP's should expect transition meetings to begin towards the end of May.

JFK staff is currently in the process of setting of online course sign-ups as well as zoom/video days/times as part of the transition process for students. JFK will be reaching out to adjustment counselors and 5th grade teachers once their plans are in place.

I followed up with Dr. Provost on some questions that were asked regarding the end of year celebration. At this point, a zoom promotion ceremony is really all we can plan for. We can not have picnics, gatherings, parades, campouts, etc. at this point. Fifth grade promotion certificates can be picked-up at the same time of the 5th grade pick-up of materials day. We will discuss this further at our next meeting. I know this is not the end of the year we had hoped for and maybe we can plan something special next year, but without knowing what next year will look like, it is difficult to plan anything other than something that is virtual. Our students have been waiting for this moment, and my heart goes out to all of them. Let's make this as special as we can for them.

Reading Time with the Principal (New)

Math Problem of the Week-Just for fun (meant to do with an adult...they can be a challenge for sure!)

New Quote from 365 Days of Wonder Mr. Browne's PRECEPTS by R.J. Palacio

May 8, 2020

It's not the load that breaks you down. It's the way you carry it.

-C.S. Lewis

New Idea of the Week from Principal Choquette

10. Write a poem on your sidewalk using chalk.

Writing poetry is freeing because there aren’t a lot of rules. Or you can establish a rule and see how different people think about it. For example, write a poem about snow without using the words white or cold.

Previous Weekly Postings

Latest Communication from Special Education

Current Remote Learning Expectations

There has been some confusion around what the remote learning expectations are for our teachers.

I would like to offer clarification:

-Remote learning should occur for 3 hours a day. That time includes both teacher-directed and student-directed learning. Those three hours should not only be focused on academics, but also art, music, PE, and play.

-Teachers are not required to provide synchronous (**see definition of synchronous learning below) learning. Some teachers may be doing it, but that is an individual decision.

-Grade-level teachers across the district created the remote learning plans together. The plan provides you with a menu of options to choose from around various academic areas. However, teachers may decide to do additional things that may be part of their own classroom culture and community such as podcasts, class dojo, google meets, etc.

We all understand the challenges of remote learning and we want to be as helpful and supportive as we can. So please, if you have particular concerns about your child, we ask that you reach out to your child's teacher. They are all willing to help and support you, but please understand, they are all trying to make the best out of a really challenging situation. They miss your children and are also struggling with not being in school.

**Synchronous learning is a general term used to describe forms of education, instruction, and learning that occur at the same time, but not in the same place. The term is most commonly applied to various forms of televisual, digital, and online learning in which students learn from instructors, colleagues, or peers in real time, but not in person.


The teachers and I have received emails regarding struggles with log-ins, accessing specific programs, etc. If you are having problems, please start with the "How-To Resource for Families" below from Mr. Cantler. If you continue to have problems after trying his suggestions, please reach out to the classroom teacher and they will put you in touch with Mr. Cantler. He is available to help and happy to do so.

Resource of how-to's from Mr. Cantler

Here a resource to help families with how-tos.

It has English and Spanish PDFs & videos for things like:

-how to log into a chromebook at home

-how to get to Lexia

-how to to get to Google Classroom

To Our Students...We Love and Miss You All.

Quote from 365 Days of Wonder Mr. Browne's PRECEPTS by R.J. Palacio

May 1, 2020

Play the tiles you get.

-Grandma Nelly

April 24, 2020

I feel no need for any other faith than my faith in human beings.

-Pearl. S. Buck

April 17, 2020

Use what talent you possess: the woods would be very silent if no birds sang except those that sang best.

-Henry van Dyke

April 10, 2020

He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.

-Jonathan Swift

April 1, 2020

What is beautiful is good, and who is good will soon be beautiful.


March 27, 2020

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.

-Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

March 24, 2020

The man who moves a mountain must start by moving small stones.

-Chinese proverb

March 20, 2020

Where there is love, there is joy.

-Mother Teresa

March 18, 2020

Be the person who can smile on the worst day.


District-Wide Adjustment Counselors Website

Idea of the Week from Principal Choquette

9. Use household materials to make and play stringed, percussion, and wind instruments.

Making instruments can be as easy as banging on a pot with a spoon, or you can try out these other ways to make instruments out of household goods.

8. Find ten rocks smaller than a dime.

Kids have the best eyes for this kind of thing. Give them each a dime so they can compare and an old yogurt container to hold the rocks.

7. Draw a map of your home and neighborhood.

In addition to be an important part of understanding how maps work, this activity helps kids define their world.

6. Imagine, create, and fly a full size flag that tells the world about you.

Everyone deserves to fly their own flag. Talk to kids about symbols and give them the creative stuff they need create their own flag: markers, crayons, paper, fabric, glitter, glue.

5. Imagine, create, and fly a full size flag that tells the world about you.

Everyone deserves to fly their own flag. Talk to kids about symbols and give them the creative stuff they need create their own flag: markers, crayons, paper, fabric, glitter, glue.

4. If you have stairs, walk up and count them. Walk down and count by twos. Walk up and count by threes. Continue through tens.

This simple math practice trick gets kids thinking about numbers and exercising!

3. Put your favorite book, toy, and keepsake on a small table in sunlight. Draw or paint a full color still life.

This is a great way to express your love for something. For a variation on this, try out different ways to paint the still life “like” a famous artist.

2. Be completely silent for 60 minutes, then write about the experience

In a world where there are so many distractions, it's amazing what we notice when we're silent.

1. Interview a family member

Taking the time out to learn more about the people in your family might surprise your children. Get them to dig deep and think about their questions and their responses. Save these interviews so you can read them again.


Suggested Physical Education Activities will be posted weekly on our new website posted below.

Here is the link:

OPEN!-------------KEEP ACTIVE! ---------------HAVE FUN!

Ms. Dorrie's English Learner Website-Check it Out!

Special Education Resources

Art Ideas from Ms. Lilly

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Important Information from Dr. Koerner, Mrs. Sperry, Ms. Nora, and Ms. Brittany

Reading With The Principal (Previous Readings)

Pearl Fairweather Pirate Captain Part 6

Pearl Fairweather Pirate Captain Part 6 by Jayneen Sanders

Discussion Questions:

Pages 30-31: What does 'worked together as one' mean? Why do you think two such different crews were able to work together? What qualities do people need to be able to work together successfully?

Pages 32-33: What do you think became of Captain Sandy McCross/. Do you think he was happy? Why? Why not? Do you think he ever learned to change his ways? Why? Why not?

Page 34: What does it mean when the author says, 'Pearl and her crew continue to live their lives as they have always wanted? Can we always live out lives as we want to? Do we have choices?

Why was Captain Pearl Fairweather a good and fail leader? What qualities did she have? What qualities do you have? Could you be a good and fair leader? I am sure you are a strong and fair leader and could do anything!

On the back cover, Captain Pearl Fairweather is described as 'brave' (see below). Do you think, after reading this story, she is brave? Why do you say that? Do you think Captain McCross was a bully? Why do you say that? What do you think a bully is? How should we stand up to people who try to bully us?

Back Cover Description:

Captain Pearl Fairweather is a brave and fair pirate captain. She and her crew, on the good ship Harmony, sail the seven seas in search of adventure. All is well...until the day Captain Sandy McCross sails into their lives and demands to take over Pearl's ship!

Pearl Fairweather Pirate Captain Part 5

Pearl Fairweather Pirate Captain Part 5 by Jayneen Sanders

Discussion Questions

Pages 22-23: What does 'conditions' mean? Do you think Pearl's conditions were fair? Why do you say that? Should people try to work together in harmony and show respect for one another? Why? Why not? do you think we should respect one another in their classroom/house? why do you say that? How might we do better? Was Pearl right to tell Captain McCross she did not want him to take over her ship? Why do you say that? Can people take things away from other people just because they want to? Why? Why not? Why do you think Captain McCross would not agree to these conditions (rules)? Would you agree to these conditions? Why? Why not?

Pages 24-25: Was Pearl right to ask the crew of the Scurvy Dog what they wished to do? Why do you say that? Why do you think the crew was happy to agree to Pearl's conditions? Do you think they will be happy working with all the other pirates on Harmony? Why do you say that? Would you be happy working on Pearl's ship? Why? Why not?

Pages 26-27: Why did Captain Pearl say to Captain McCross, 'Then that is your choice'? Sometimes we have choices. We can choose to work together or not. Do you think Captain McCross made the right decision? Why do you think that? Do you have choices in your life? What choices do you have? What is an 'angry pout?' Can you show me an angry pout?

Pages 28-29: Why did Pearl get the crew from the Scurvy Dog to sign a document with all the conditions listed? Do you think the crew will keep to these conditions? Why? Why not? Can people from many different countries work together in harmony? Why? Why not? Do you think the crew would need some rules that they would have to keep to? What rules do we have in the classroom/house? Why do we have these rules? Why did Captain McCross end up all alone in a small boat? Do you think we will ever change his ways? Why? Why not? Do we all need to change our ways from time to time? How might we have to change our ways?

Pearl Fairweather Pirate Captain Part 4

Pearl Fairweather Pirate Captain Part 4 by Jayneen Sanders

Discussion Questions:

Pages 16-17 What do you think 'tucked away' means? Do you think Harmony is safe tucked away in the Bay of Tranquility? Why? Why not? What do you think might be happening to the Scurvy Dog and her crew in the open sea?

Pages 18-19 Oh dear! What has happened here? Do you think Captain McCross wishes now he had listened to Captain Pearl Fairweather's advice? Why do you say that? Is it a good idea to always listen to people's advice? Why? Why not? Do you always have to do what other people say? Whose advice do you listen to? Why do you listen to that person? What things do you like about that person?

Pages 20-21 What do you think Pearl was really thinking when she saw the crew from the Scurvy Dog drifting towards her ship? When Pearl said, 'I suppose you want my ship?' was she being serious? Why do you say that? Even though Captain McCross was in a small boat far below Pearl's big ship, he was still being rude. Why do you think he acted like that? Why didn't Captain McCross just simply ask for help in a nice manner? If he had asked for help in a kind manner, do you think Pearl would have helped Captain McCross and his crew? Why do you say that? Do you think Pearl should let him come aboard? Why? Why not? What would you have done if you were Captain Pearl Fairweather?

Pearl Fairweather Pirate Captain Part 3 by Jayneen Sanders

Discussion questions part 3:

Pages 14-15: What does 'not on your nelly mean?' (Definition: Cockney rhyming slang for 'not on your life.' Nelly rhymes with smelly, which moves on to smelly breath, breath moves on to breathing to keep alive, which then leads to 'not on your life.' Do you think Pearl was right to stand up to Captain McCross? Why do you say that? Why did Captain McCross decide to 'weather the storm' in the seas around the Islands of Plenty? Why has the author described him as 'rather silly?' What does 'tranquility' mean? Why do you think Pearl and her crew sailed Harmony to the Bay of Tranquility? What do you think is going to happen to Captain McCross and the crew on the Scurvy Dog? Do you think it was kind of Pearl to warn Captain McCross about the storm? Why? Why not? Why does Captain McCross think that he knows better than Captain Pearl Fairweather? Does Captain McCross think he is more powerful than Pearl? Why might he think that?

Pearl Fairweather Pirate Captain part 2 by Jayneen Sanders

Discussion questions for part 2:

Pages 10-11: Do you think Captain McCross was rude when he said, 'Give me your ship?' Did he have the right to take over Pearl's ship? Why? Why not? Why does he think he has the right to take over her ship? Why do you think he wanted to take over Pearl's ship in the first place? What did he mean when he said, 'I want none of your useless crew?' Why didn't he what the crew? What would you have done if you had been Captain pearl Fairweather? Should Captain McCross be speaking to Pearl in the this manner? Why? Why not? Do you think Captain McCross is a bully? Why do you say that? Should Captain McCross call Pearl a 'silly goose?' Why not? Why is it rude to call people names? How does it make people feel when they are called names? Should we call people names when we don't get what we want? Can you explain what you mean? Captain McCross was being 'disrespectful.' What does this mean? What should you do if someone is being disrespectful?

Pages 12-13: Why do you think Captain Pearl Fairweather did not answer Captain McCross? Why did she simply turn away? What would you do if someone was shouting at you? What does 'calmly and with grace' mean? Why was Pearl so calm? Did Pearl do the right thing by turning her ship away or should she have stayed to fight? Do you think Pearl showed she was a good leader? Why do you say that?

Pearl Fairweather Pirate Captain part 1 by Jayneen Sanders

'Pearl Fairweather, Pirate Captain' can be used as a teaching springboard for discussions around gender equality, respect, respectful relationships, empowerment, diversity, leadership, recognizing bullying behaviors, and the prevention of violence. All of these discussions only increase your child's sense of self-worth their confidence and empowerment,

Discussion questions for part 1:

Pages 4-5: Do you think Pearl's mother and grandmother were pirates? What kind of pirates do you think they were? Why do you think Pearl was different from other pirates?

Pages 6-7: What kind of adventures might Pearl have had? Where might she sail to? Why do you think Pearl stood tall and proud at the bow of her ship? What do you think the author meant when she wrote, 'the sea had gifted calm'?

Pages 8-9: Why do you think sailors came from all over the world to join Captain Pearl Fairweather on the good ship Harmony? Do you think Pearl was a good leader? Why do you say that? What qualities might a good leader have? Do you think people from different countries can live and work together peacefully? Why do you say that? Why do you think 'never a cross word was spoken' on Captain Pearl's ship? Why do you think Pearl's ship was called Harmony? What do you do if someone speaks to you in a cross or angry manner? Do you work well with: others in your classroom/your brother/sister at home? Why do you say that? How might you/the students in your classroom work together in a more respectful way? Why do you think the author has written, 'one cloudy afternoon' when Captain McCross is introduced into the story? Can you guess what type of character Captain McCross will be?
We're All Wonders
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She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton

She Persisted by Chelsea Clinton
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The Last Stop on Market Street-Click on link to hear the story

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Previous Math Problems of the Week