Please read through the following bios prior to voting!

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East Meadows School Community Council

The following East Meadows Parents/Patrons are running for a position on our School Community Council. They are listed here alphabetically by last name.

Please read through each bio and be sure to vote either in person at the front office OR online using the voting form that will be sent to all parents with an updated email in our iCampus system.

Each parent/patron is asked to chose TWO candidates they would like to vote for and please vote only once. Thank you!

Taggart Archibald

I have loved sending my two kids to East Meadows and I'm proud of my 3rd grader who is thriving in this environment. The elementary is practically in my backyard and my family and I try to support the teachers and staff as much as possible.

East Meadows has some incredible teachers and staff that have bent over backwards for my kids and I would like to be more involved with my child's education .Being in this role would allow me to use my training as an educator, leadership background as an administrator, and my experience as a parent into use for the community.

My family and I moved back to the area after I accepted a position in the College of Science at Utah Valley University and we are thrilled to be close to family and friends again. I am an educator, an administrator, and a parent and I hope to be a balanced advocate in this role.

Amy Baird

Hi! I'm Amy Baird and I am passionate about Education. I've worked for UVU for the past 15 years as an advisor and teacher.

I have 3 children and when we moved we made sure that we stayed in the East Meadows boundaries. I love this school and supporting it.

I love education and literacy. I serve on the local library board.. I want to support our teachers and help share a voice for parents.

Jennifer Broadbent

I'm a single mom and work-from-home IT professional with a fourth-grade (9-year old) boy and we absolutely love this neighborhood and school. We moved into the East Meadows neighborhood two weeks before Covid changed all of our worlds but immediately found a forever home here with so many wonderful people supporting each other despite the chaos.

I'm very passionate about parenting, schooling, and community. I love to help and make a difference for those around me because I can see each individual's strengths and what makes them unique.

I know our Community Council, the PTA, our wonderful teachers and Principal, and our fabulous school staff are all working so hard to create the absolute best place for our kids to grow and learn and I would love to be a part of all of that. I feel that with my diverse background in my career, my unique perspectives as a parent, my strategic and helpful personality type, and my personal experiences in education will allow me to be able to further enhance the Community Council's ability to do even more good in the coming years for our children, our educators, and our community.

Lizet Goodman

I have 5 kids (4 girls and 1 boy). I have 3 kids in school and I try to do something with them at school whenever possible.

I am very hard working and a devoted person. I am currently going to school and loving every second.

I want the opportunity to help make the school a SAFE and fun place to be in.

Corbrett Hodson

I have three kids attending East Meadows Elementary School (5th, 3rd, and 1st) so my interest in the school is deep and focused on the long-term success.

I value education and seek to help others in their pursuit of it. I have helped advise many young people in setting their education goals.

I bring a fresh perspective to the community but understand the values we all share to see our kids succeed. I would like to help build the relationship between the community and school. I also want to make sure that each student is valued and has a space to learn.

Dustin Millen

The youngest of 3 kids, I’ve lived in Spanish Fork over 10 years now & don’t plan on living anywhere else. I love all sports, anything to do with the outdoors, spending time with my family & friends. I work in the financial & sales fields as a regional sales manager & team lead so my schedule is very flexible.

My wife Christi and I have been married for 12 years and have 2 amazing children; Jace is 7, in 2nd grade, Chloe is 3 and will be there in 2 years. Christi currently serves on the PTA board and is in charge of the SEP dinners. I currently coach 2nd grade boys soccer and other sports to several of the students.

Ever since Jace started in Pre-K at E.M, it’s been an interest of mine to be involved in his education and trying to do my part in making his experience one he could look back on with fondness. In the email I received, Mrs Jordan said:” This is a great way to be more involved in your child's education.” For me, this was the answer I was looking for. When I read the description of what the council would be involved in, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I believe with my financial, sales & customer service back ground, the relationships my wife & I have developed through her PTA membership and my relationship with the dozens of the young men I’ve had the privilege of coaching & their parents , I have the ability to connect with businesses, residents & parents alike to further create a strong relationship between them all and the school. I believe I’ve developed & can continue to develop a trust among the parents & business partners of E.M to help further strengthen & excel our relationships with those in our community as well as create new relationships for our school and our students. I’m ready to lead from the front and bring valuable insight to an already well established council.

Shaun Morgan

I have one daughter in 1st grade and a son who will be starting kindergarten next year.

I have worked in Events Operations for 10 years. I love school!

I want to help make East Meadows be the best that it can be. I have the experience and the drive to make that happen. I feel highly qualified and highly motivated!

Ashley Patten

I have six kids. The children are 10 years old to 3 months old. I have students in Kindergarten, 2nd, and 5th grade. We love spending time together participating in activities.

I love spending time doing things as a family, learning, trying new things, organizing, and being creative.

Due to my history in education, I am well aware of the critical role that assistance plays in the academic success of students. I make an effort to volunteer and assist as often as I can. I enjoy keeping up with events at the school and being involved. To be able to aid in the decision-making process that surrounds it would be wonderful.