Is Beowulf a Hero or a Fraud

By: Jacob Coudret

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Who is Beowulf?

"Higlac's Follower and the strongest of the Geats-greater and stronger than anyone anywhere in the world" Pg 42 lines 109-111 (This quote explains who Beowulf is and how is able to be a hero)

What is a hero?

A selfless, Inspiring person who sets out to save and change the lives of others for the better, for no reward

His Hero Deeds

Killing Grendel

Killing Grendel's Mother

Fighting the Dragon

Brought peace to the Land

Gave his life for the land

Ultimate Courage and Bravery

His Non Hero Deeds

Up Tight

Does it for the Fame

For Riches

Let one of his men die

Was bent on Revenge

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Beowulf As King

Beowulf was a great King he ruled for 50 years and kept peace the entire time


Beowulf is not a Hero, but he was a Great leader and warrior who did many heroic things